Ingress software update – version 3.0.2

Friday, May 29, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

In this month’s update for Ingress, we have added 8 new features for Ingress users.

1.        Added Date Range into User Movement Analysis and Device Activity Report
Previously, users were not allowed to select any date range, instead the system only allows
           them to generate the whole report.
           “Date range” selection in User Movement Analysis and Device Activity Reports let the users to
           choose the specific dates of the data that they require, and the reports will only generate the
           data on the selected dates.

2.     Simple Access Control Setup Wizard Is Now Available

          The latest Ingress version allows users to add doors and assigned the devices for entry/exit purpose.
          Since this is a crucial step in Ingress setup, FingerTec has made it easier with this simple Wizard.

      Click on the “orange” button on the top left corner > Quick Setup Wizard > Simple Access Control Setup.
          NOTE: Only a maximum of 2 devices is permitted for a door. If you only have 1 device installed for entry, 
          you do not have to key in anything for the exit device, leave it blank

3.         Ingress allows insertion of Pay Rate for each user

Pay Rate is amount of money received per unit time. Each employee has his/her own pay rate and any extra hours such as overtime will be calculated based on the basic pay rate for example overtime is 1.5 times of the  basic pay rate. Now, Ingress allows users to key in pay rate of each user in the Users section. The availability of this information is crucial when payroll integration is concerned.


Go to User Tab > Double click on the specific user > Edit > Type in the value in the Pay Rate column.
4.         Configure Wages Setting From User Duty Planner

In Ingress, user can configure the overall wages settings at the System Settings tab for everyone that is using the same setting. Ingress latest version allows user to set the wage setting at the User Duty Planner for individual.

This feature is important for an organization that has a variety of wage settings applicable to different employees.

Go to Attendance Tab > User Duty Planner > Edit > Right Click On Any Day > Enter the Pay Rate Accordingly > Save

5.         Save the Unregistered Card List into User Module

             This feature was a request from a client who wants to key in all the unregistered cards into
             Ingress, and register the number(s) to specific users when necessary. Having this feature will
             ease registration of the new card users without having to scan the card number again.
             When an unregistered card is waved at the terminal, the system will obtain the card’s 
             number and save it in Ingress. During new registration, the admin can search for these card
             numbers and assign them to a new user(s) or existing user(s).
             This feature is only applicable in FingerTec’s monochrome terminals, Q2i and TA200 Plus
             Go to User Tab > Add New User or Click on Existing User > Click on the small box besides 
             the card number > Select the Data Range > Double click on the desired card number.
6.        Enable system to check for any duplicated Card ID in User Module
            Prior to this update, Ingress had no way to tell user whether there is a duplicated card ID in
            the system.
            In this release of Ingress, when the admin enter a card ID which is already in use, the error
            below will pop to indicate that another employee is using this card.
7.         Included seconds in clocking type identification in Attendance Module
Ingress improves its commitment to time with addition of seconds in the clocking time. With this function available, user will be able to see the accuracy of the clocking activities up to its second value. This feature might be useful in Job Costing for tasks that are budget sensitive where every second counts.
8.           Added "Show Zero Hour" option in Electronic Time Card Report

               By default, reports without selecting the “Show Zero Hour” function will not show the
               transaction data for employees who are on Holiday, Restday, and missed punch.
               The new function “Show Zero Hour” in the latest version of Ingress allows user to generate
               a full report regardless of the lack of accuracy or presence of errors during daily
               verifications when the user select “Show Zero Hour” in the settings of Electronic Time Card
 13 Error Fixes
1.   Fixed duplicated IP Address error when using URL/DYDNS connection
2.   Fixed Ingress Migration Wizard Error when Migrating from TCMSv2 (Thai Language)
3.   Fixed report not tally with data audit list issue after generation
4.   Fixed wrong Rest/Offday displayed in User Time Attendance
5.   Fixed section and department not imported according to selection at Ingress Migration Wizard
6.   Fixed Employee Name not displayed in Report if First/Last Name is empty
.   Fixed replace with latest clocking error when the time surpassed midnight
8.   Fixed OT on Offday not calculated error if the done time surpasses midnight
9.   Fixed first day of the week issue in Auto Schedule
10. Fixed restore database issue
11. Fixed miss punch filter not working in Attendance Sheet
12. Fixed Event List Report not tally with Monitoring Log Listing
13. Fixed attendance unable to save after edit if the done time surpasses midnight





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