Adding Expiration Rule To User in the New TA100C FMM

Friday, May 15, 2015 TimeTec 2 Comments

The new core board version of TA100C FMM allows adding of expiration rule to a user. This feature is important for organizations that have many temporary workers or contract workers on site(s). The administrator can set the expiration rules for each worker and the system will stop taking transactions from these staff’s credentials when the expiration rules are met. The expiration rule can be set based on date, entry or both.

To proceed, enable this option in the new TA100C terminal by following the below steps:

Enabling User Expiration on TA100C
Press Menu > System > Attendance > Expiration Rule > Select “On”

Select Expiration Rule Options

Once the Expiration Rule has been enabled, select the action for the system to execute once the rule qualifies. Please refer below steps to select the expiration rule:

Press Menu > System > Attendance > Expiration Rule Options
There are several options to choose from, which are:

1. Keep user, no audit future punch - The system will continue to keep the user’s data including the fingerprints and will block future clocking activities from the specific ID.

2. Keep user and audit future punch – The system will continue to keep the user’s data including the fingerprints and as well as the future clocking activities of the specific ID.

3. Delete user – The system will delete the user once the expiration date is reached for that specific ID.


Adding Expiration Rules to A New User

After the configuration has been completed, the system is now ready to accept users for the rules, refer to the below steps on how to add expiration rule to a user:

Press Menu > User Mgt > New User > Select Expiration Rule> Expiration Rule Options > Select Rule

There are several options available to be added to a user, select one:
1. None: No expiration rule.

2. Expired date: Select a specific expired date to a user.

3. Entries: Select a number of entries provided to a user before the access expired.

4. Expired date and entries: Select a range of date and number of entries for a user.

Adding Expiration Rules to Existing User

Refer to the below steps to add expiration rule to the existing user in the terminal:

Press Menu > User Mgt > All Users > Select User > Edit> Select Expiration Rule > Expiration Rule Options > Select Rule

Once the configuration and settings are completed, users will be imposed with expiration rule which will take effect once the rules are met. Use this feature to control and manage your temporary workers, contract workers, contractors, etc.



  1. is that feature available for AC100C FMM board also or not??

    1. Dear Khaled Abdul karim,

      Good day to you.

      Yes, AC100C also support for "Adding Expiration Rule"

      If there is any other information required, Please email to , So we can assist you accordingly.


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