TimeTec Mobile - Clock In Attendance with Geo-Location

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 TimeTec 5 Comments

TimeTec Mobile comes complete with a GPS locator that tags the exact location at the time of the attendance clock-in, minimizing the chances of data dishonesty.

Below is the settings and comparison between attendance with geolocation and without geolocation.

Attendance with Geolocation
When a user signs in to TimeTec Cloud via Mobile, the system will ask the user if they would like to use their current location.

If Yes is selected, the system will ask users if they wish to enable their GPS for location accuracy.

When you have successfully clocked in, the system will show the following message.

Attendance without Geolocation

If the user does not wish to enable their location for all their transactions using TimeTec Mobile, they can opt to select NO instead when the system asks if they wish to enable their current location.

When you have clocked in and disabled the geo-location function, the system will show the message as per below.


Clarification on TimeTec Mobile Time and Date

Regardless of the time and date of the phone, the clock in will observe the TimeTec Cloud server timing even if their phones are located at a different time-zone.



  1. If someone behalf of me go with my phone and Mark the attendance then how the company knows he was physically present?

  2. If someone behalf of me go with my phone and Mark the attendance then how the company knows he was physically present?

    1. In regards to your inquiry, we suggest that you do not share your mobile phone with colleagues to avoid attendance fraud or time attendance theft. When you verify the attendance by using mobile, it will detect the exact location during the verification process. As a management, you can check your employee location [verification] in the Data Audit List option. You can also double check with your premise CCTV to make sure that user actually present at the office.

  3. How to force location service and camera to be automatically enable every time employee clock in? It also means employee unable to change those settings from mobile apps. Please advise

    1. Hello Sir,

      Good day to you.

      Please be informed that you only can enforce location service for users from the Timetec Account > Device > Assign Users to device > enable GPS clocking for users. By right user cannot change this setting as only administrator can do the modification on the setting.

      However, you cannot force camera option for users once they clock in as it depends on the mobile setting for user's device.


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