Shut Down Ingress Properly If You Login Through A Client Server To Avoid Being Block Access

Thursday, October 30, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

As a server-client software, users can login to Ingress server via Ingress clients installed at any other computers. To secure the system, Ingress server always makes sure there is no duplicated login credentials from different computers running at the same time. Ingress will block access if it detected the login credential is still in-use from any client.

In case you do not sign out properly from a client, for example you clicked the X button on the right top of Ingress to shut down the software, Ingress server will block you from accessing the system by using the same credential next time you want to access the system. This is because, Ingress considers that you are still in the system because you did not sign out properly. To resolve this issue, please restart the Ingress server to clear its cache.

And next time you sign out, please make sure that you use the Shut Down button.


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