FMM 100 Video Guide is Now Released

Friday, August 15, 2014 TimeTec 2 Comments

The FMM 100 new core board is loaded with 800MHz microprocessor, 128MB RAM and 256MB flash memory. With these new specifications, it allows the introduction of a new firmware with enhanced features to improve our products. For a start, we will introduce this FMM 100 core board in TA100C and AC100C series, the other colored models will be loaded with the new core board soon after. One major apparent change that you will see and experience will be the freshly designed icons when you access into the operation menu.
The video guide of the new firmware is now ready. The video guide will show you the new and existing functions of the terminal and simple ways to configure them step-by-step.
Click the following link to watch the Video Guide.


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