The FMM 100 Core board : Now with New Firmware!

Thursday, July 31, 2014 TimeTec 8 Comments

FingerTec will be releasing its new core board FMM 100, which carries 800 MHz microprocessor and 128 MB of RAM, together with 256 MB flash memory. The improved hardware allows our R&D to build a new firmware which carries a lot more useful features.

However, the new core board and new firmware links up with our software perfectly and allow users transfer from all old devices. Thus, the new hardware and firmware can still work in the same ecosystem perfectly.

Apart from retaining the existing features of our firmware, we will also be adding more powerful features to enhance the firmware’s accessibility. Here are some of the features:

1. The quality of graphics for the main screen during standby has been enhanced. 


2. The new design icons when you access into operation menu.

3. The User Role feature allows you to create a secondary administrator. You can control his/her access to specific modules and features in the device. There are total 3 different user roles that you can configure. You can assign specific roles to him/her as secondary administrator.

4. The new firmware allows you to backup or restore its data (user information, setup parameters and transaction logs) into its internal memory or USB flash disk. You no longer need to worry about the data stored in the device if you wish to reset and everything back to default settings.

5. The attendance data downloads into USB flash disk is encrypted to avoid users to amend the data. You can only load the data into TCMS v2 or Ingress software to process attendance. However in the new firmware, you can set the device not to apply any encryption to the attendance data download into USB flash disk. You can use the attendance data with your own software to process calculation. Please take note, you must apply the encryption if you want to use attendance data in USB flash disk with TCMS v2 and Ingress software.

You can now configure the settings so device can delete the old attendance data after the download into USB process. You do not need to clear the storage everytime after download into USB flash disk. 



  1. Cool! Will current terminal such as TA200+ support this new firmware?

  2. Hello Ken,

    It will be available in TA200plus in the near future. Stay tuned

    1. Hi Julianna Looi,
      Do you mean that my current TA200plus will be able to update to this firmware when it release?
      Or it's only available to new TA200plus model?

  3. Hello Ken,

    It will only available with the new set of TA200 plus model. The existing terminal cannot be upgraded as it involves hardware upgrading as well.

    1. Too bad :( Is there any option for upgrading current terminal?

      What are the release date for the new TA200 plus model? I'm planning to buy another unit recently.

  4. thanks so much..

  5. I have a TA500R Unit for which I am looking for Firmware upgrade to FMM.
    On field upgrade possible? Please help


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