New Firmware Update for Kadex and R2

Friday, July 25, 2014 TimeTec 4 Comments

Previously, it was reported that it would be a delay in door release when the card was produced in front of the R2 and  Kadex terminal.  

FingerTec has released the new firmware for both R2 and Kadex to solve this issue. 

You can now download the Kadex's & R2’s latest firmware here.


  1. Kadex cannot detect any card... how can I do to make the device dan detect or read the card

    1. Dear Sir,

      Regarding your issue, kindly provide us your device serial number for further checking. The serial number can be found in the device's menu (Menu > Sys Info > Device > Serial Number, or you can check it at the back-side of the device (7-digit serial number). Kindly refer the checklist below for your perusal:

      1) May I know is there any response when you wave the card on the terminal [ex: Try again please]

      2) Recently, may I know do you re-update any firmware at the device? Kindly provide us the device details by using the device info tool , you may download the device info tool from this link:

  2. Hello,
    I currently upgraded the firmware of my Kadex device. I restarted the device after the successfully update. However, the device is forever stuck in boot mode. What can I do?

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day to you,

      Regarding your issue, may I know do you facing any issue with your existing device before re-update the firmware ? Besides that, which firmware link that you downloaded and updated to the Kadex? Once it's in hang mode, please check whether can you ping the existing device IP address or not?


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