New Firmware Release

Thursday, December 13, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec Worldwide has released its very first firmware for Face ID 3 and R2 (FEM565). To download, click here. So, what are the new features in the firmware?

Face ID 3

1.     Customized TimeTec connection using URL
To connect the Face ID 3 to TimeTec, you will need to insert the TimeTec server’s static IP Address. With the new firmware, you can opt to insert TimeTec’s URL link instead of the static IP Address.
2.     Save / Do not save ‘Time Zone Denied’ data
In the new firmware, you will have the option to save or not to save the ‘Time Zone Denied’ log previously only available through the FingerTec Terminal Function Tools.

R2 (FEM 565)

1.     Wiegand Permanent door Open using Adaptec Plus
By uploading this firmware, the R2 (FEM 565) will have the option to enable the Wiegand ‘permanent door open’ using AdapTec Plus.

Initiated and Written by: Jazz Lee


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