Face ID 3 Missing Photo Capture

Thursday, December 13, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

Recently we received a notification about a problem with the Face ID 3 terminal. After you updated the terminal at the Time Zone, the Face ID 3 will not be able to verify any users. In another words, the employees' photo capture will missing.

The cause of the problem is that during the terminal update for the Terminal Employees Control to set the Time Zone, the TCMS V2 software will re-update all users' data from the Employee Management. However the employees' photo capture is not included in the update. The software will replace all employees' photo with a black one instead. Thus you will not see the employees' photo displayed on the LCD screen upon verification. For the solution to this problem, you will need to download all users’ face templates into the Employee Management before proceeding to the configurations at Terminal Employee Control and finally updating the terminal. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1.     Click Devices and select Employee Management. Click Download Employee to start the download user process.
2.     Click Devices and select Terminal Multimedia Management. At the Employee Photos tab, select All and click Download Photo.
3.     Now you are ready for the Time Zone configuration. Click Devices and select Terminal Employees Control to configure the Time Zone settings.
4.     When you are done, click Update Terminal to update the Time Zone configuration into the terminal. Please tick the checkbox for Employee data and also tick the checkbox for Time Zone.
5.     Click Apply to prompt the update.
6.   Now you need to upload the Employee Photos back to the terminal. Click Devices and select Terminal Employees Control. At the Employee Photos tab, select All and click Upload Photo.
7.   All the Employee Photos now will load into the terminal and the photos will display the employee photo once it successful verified. That’s all!!

Contributed by: Azim
Written by: SF Lim


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