How to Install and Run the TCMS v2 Software with Windows 7 Platform

Friday, June 22, 2012 TimeTec 10 Comments

To install the TCMSv2 software, double click on the installation file (or run direct from the Go Green DVD). By default, the installer will install the TCMSv2 software into the C: drive and it will also create a shortcut icon on the desktop.

1. You are the Administrator of the computer
An alert message will appear when you double click on the TCMSv2 shortcut icon. The message is a reminder for you to use the “Run As Administrator” command to start up the TCMSv2 software.

Use the right mouse button to click on the TCMSv2 shortcut icon and select “Run As Administrator” to start up the TCMSv2 software.

2. You are login as a Guest/Users (non-administrator) of the computer 
You are required to use the same method (Run as Administrator) to start up the software. However, Windows will request for the administrator password before it grants access to the TCMSv2 software. You will need the Administrator to input the password every time before you can use the TCMSv2 software.

The Administrator will need to perform the below configuration to give users the access to use the TCMSv2 software.

Option 1: Do not install the TCMSv2 software into the same hard disk drive as the Windows OS. During installation, select the installation path to install the TCMSv2 into another hard disk drive. 

Option 2: The administrator can configure the sharing and security of the TCMSv2 software .

1. Use the right mouse button and click on the TCMSv2 shortcut icon. Select Properties > Sharing > Advance Sharing > check “Sharing this folder” > Apply > OK 

2. Click the “Security” tab > Edit > Add > Advanced

3. Find Now > Select the Type/Name of user > OK 

4. Check “Full control” > Apply > OK

Written by Henry Pang
Edited by Vincent


  1. it still prompting User Account Control for non-administrator user....

  2. Hi Sir,

    Kindly provide to us the problem details by send the screen shoot picture to, so we can assist you accordingly. Thanks.

  3. It is prompting us to open a DFX file on the shared computer. The computer with the TCMS installation is still working fine.

    1. Dear Value Customer,

      Kindly be inform, basically we strongly recommend you run the TCMSv2 software in 1 computer, because the software does not design to use as multi users solution. Sharing software among network can cause the database to corrupt anytime.
      However, if you wish to use our system in multiple computer, you can try to install Ingress software because it can support for multi user solution. For details information, you can refer to the following link.

      Thanks and Regards

  4. 1. Use the right mouse button and click on the TCMSv2 shortcut icon...

    This is wrong. To set the rights a administrator need to set permission for the installed folder, not for icon, hence we can correct it as below,

    1. Use the right mouse button and click on the TCMSv2 installation folder....

    Now follow all other steps and it will work for sure.

  5. Good day, We bought a premises with this finger clock hardware, We would like to make use of it but can't get the software for this machine as we don't know the manufacturer.
    Serial number 0956210270050
    Alg Version Finger VX10.0
    Firmware Ver 6.4.1
    Please help us if this is your machine.

  6. how can i access a key...anytime i login into the software it prompts for a key to connect to the terminal

    1. Hello Sir,

      Regarding on your problem with TCMSv2 Software. Please provide us your current TCMSv2 version (Click system settings > what new in this release) and take a screenshot to show the software prompt for a key to connect to the terminal, then send to for better understanding your issue.

  7. Hi, we need reinstall the software but i loose the activation code, please help...

    TA300: 3408545



    1. Dear Sir,

      You can refer here for the TCMSv2 activation details:

      Serial No. Product Key Activation Code
      3408545 T74R-7NAS-PH7M PGCZ96LX

      Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman


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