The Improved R2 with FEM565 Core Board

Monday, July 02, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

The new R2 is now installed with the an FEM565 core board. The FEM 565 core board is equipped with a 128MB flash memory (16 times higher than the FEM500 core board’s 8MB flash memory) and a 32MB RAM (4 times higher than FEM 500 core board’s 8MB RAM). However both the new and old R2 share the same MCU, which eases the process of switching between different version of core boards for repair purposes. Furthermore the new FEM565 core board also brings the following improvements to R2:

1. Supports USB flash disk with Linux kernel 2.6 We have received complaints regarding the incompatibility of the R2 and the USB flash disk with Linux kernel 2.6 (8GB and above). Users can only use USB flash disk with Linux kernel 2.4 (4GB and less) to transfer data between terminals and PC. With the new FEM 565 core board, there will be no problem for the USB flash disk 8GB and above to work with R2.

2. Supports Algorithm VX 10 fingerprint templates The improvement of flash memory and RAM in the new FEM 565 allows R2 to support either Algorithm VX 9.0 or VX 10.0 fingerprint templates. You can set the R2 to support algorithm VX10.0 fingerprint templates and transfer them into the multimedia models. You can also transfer the VX 10.0 fingerprint templates from multimedia models to R2, without having to worry about the incompatibility of different algorithms.

To configure the algorithm version in R2: Menu → Option → Advance Option → Algorithm version → VX 9 or VX 10 → Save → Restart

3. Supports R2c as master-slave system R2c is a new slave fingerprint scanner to replace the current R2i. The R2c works with the improved R2 as a master-slave system. The R2c has the same design as R2i, but it is no longer using the special cable (USB + RS232 standard). The R2c communicates with the improved R2 via a RS485 wire. The installer can adjust the length of RS485 wire during installation to cater for the environment. The RS485 wire can support a maximum 1000m of connection length.

To turn ON/OFF connection of R2 and R2c: Menu → Option → Advance Option → RS485Reader Fun. → Y to enable to use with R2c (N to disable) → Save → Restart

The new R2 is still able to work with the previous R2i as a master-slave system but these 3 functions are temporary unavailable until further notice. FingerTec’s R&D team is working on the firmware for the FEM565 core board to include so these 3 functions back to the master-slave system.

  1. Antipassback.
  2. Group Verify Type.
  3. Green or Red LED light notifications at R2i.

Written by Henry Pang
Edited by Vincent


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