Setting the New R2 (FEM565) with R2i/R2c

Friday, June 22, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

FingerTec has developed a new FEM565 core board and shipped it with the new batch of R2 terminals. The new FEM565 coreboard is faster, more powerful, and has several added advantages as compared to the previous FEM500 coreboard.

The improved R2 is ready to be paired with the R2c (a new slave terminal to replace the R2i, which is using RS485 cable). However you can still pair the improved R2 with your existing R2i by configuring a few settings.

You will find an option “With R2i – Y/N” (Y to enable R2 to pair with R2i) under Advance Option in the previous R2 terminal.
As for the improved R2 terminal with R2i: Press Menu > Option > Access Option > 485 Reader Fun. > Y or N > Set to N > Save > Restart both the R2 and R2i. If you would like to use the improved R2 with the R2c, you can set the “485 Reader Fun.” and configure to “Y” to activate it.

Written by Henry Pang
Edited by Vincent


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