Improved Face ID 2 FMM simplifies face registration process for users with glasses

Friday, January 19, 2018 TimeTec 0 Comments

Face recognition reader, such as Face ID 2, detects its users by matching the face templates stored in the device
with the live human face.

The face verification works on normal face templates except on these two occasions:
  1. User who enrolls without glasses, verifies with glasses.
    The glasses are considered as obstacle during verification, hence the reader will not be able to detect theface.
  2. User who enrolls with glasses, verifies without glasses.
    The reader will not be able to detect the glasses that have been previously enrolled, so the matching process fails.

The solution to this problem has been solved in the FingerTec Face ID 2 where users will need to perform two
face enrollments; one with glasses and another without glasses. Through this process, the system will be able to recognize the user in any circumstances, with or without glasses.

Face ID 2 FMM is using Gabor and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) for face recognition method. LDA is
used to determine discriminant pixels related to intuitive local features. Since the number of discriminant pixels is less than the whole image, the amount of computed Gabor-wavelet coefficient is decreased, and that is
how a face template is captured. Face ID 2 is loaded with 2 cameras, daylight and night (infrared) cameras.
The day camera functions to make sure that the face is captured for enrollment and verification purposes and
user’s face will be saved and verified by using the  infrared camera view.   

In the latest Face ID 2, the face enrollment process has been simplified by merging both face registrations into
one instead of having to do double registration for one user.

This new feature in Face ID 2 FMM is beneficial to the users because they don’t have to waste one template to
register the same user and another is, they don’t need to do the registration two times, what a time saver! So
users with glasses, you don’t need to worry to come to work with contact lenses or a big giant glasses, you’ll
be alright when you use Face ID 2 FMM.

Face Enrollment

Note: There are two stages of enrollment, one is wearing glasses and another is taking them off. It doesn’t matter which one goes first but user must know that he/she must need to take off the glasses on one stage.

During the first face enrollment stage, align your eyes as usual until the second enrollment stage is shown. Refer Figure 1.
Figure 1: First stage face enrollment.
At the second face enrollment stage, wear your glasses and finish your enrollment. Subsequently, the device will save two different face templates; with glasses and without.
Refer Figure 2.

Figure 2: The Second Step of Enrollment.

Continue the enrollment process as usual and save. Once the enrollment process is done, the device will be able to verify the user with or without glasses.

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