Resolve “Failed to initialize database” error message in TCMS V3 & Ingress (MDB)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 FingerTec 2 Comments

TCMS V3 and Ingress (MDB) utilize Microsoft Access Database, a small sized database with 2GB size limit, to ease database management, particularly for small and medium sized company. Ingress also supports MySQL database, a more suited database for large company usage, and TCMS V3 will follow suit shortly. It is important to make sure that your database is in good condition before you proceed with any other actions.

In TCMS v3 or Ingress (MDB), when the database is corrupted, an error message as shown below will be shown when you launch the software. This tip provides a way to repair this situation easily.

By knowing how to resolve this error, you would not panic when it happens, and you could continue with your other tasks without having to reach FingerTec support.

1) Open your PC’s Control Panel > Open Administrative Tools

2) Open ODBC Data Sources (32-bits)

3) Go to System DSN and select TCMS v3 or Ingress (depending on which software that you are using), then click “Configure”

4) Click Repair

5) Click OK

6) The system will display that the database has been repaired.

7) Once completed, run Ingress or TCMS v3 again, and check if the problem persists.


  1. I have a database connection error this article was not useful. I can post error logs if needed. Can you advise?

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day to you,

      Regarding your issue, please send the screenshot error message to and please provide us with your TCMSv3 database for further checking too.

      To check the database file:
      Right click on TCMSv3 icon > Click Open file location > C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec\FingerTec TCMS V3\TCMS V3 [by default] > send to us the file named as ingress.mdb


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