Configuring Instant Message Display of Terminals through Ingress & TCMS V3 Software

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 FingerTec 0 Comments


Instant Message Display is a feature available in Ingress (ver 3.0.5 onwards) & TCMSV3 software, where it allows you to create an Instant Message to public (all users) or to set personal message in FingerTec devices to individuals.

There are two types of Instant Message, which are:
a)      Message on device: All users can see this message by pressing the shortcut key
          (View SMS) on the device.
b)      Message for user: The message will appear automatically after the specified user
      successfully verified themselves at the device.

You also can set the Start Date and End Date for the Instant Message according to your own preferences.

Before we proceed, please refer to this link for more details regarding which device supports this particular feature, SMS (Short Messaging Service)


This Instant Message Display feature can be used as a mean of communication, to convey important messages or news to users. This feature can also be used to send personal message to a specified user to inform him/her of any news, memos, or even a birthday wish.

Special Note:
Please be informed that the below configurations are done on Ingress software, as shown in the accompanying images. However, this can also be applied in TCMS V3 to achieve comparable results, as the configuration is similar with only a slight difference in interface.
1.       Create a Message on Device or Message for Users by going to Devices > Instant 
            Message Display > select ‘Message on Device’ or ‘Message for Users’ > Edit > Add >
            insert Message ID, SMS and Date range > click OK and Save

2.        Upload the Instant Message to your Device(s)
            i) Click Write to Device.

3.       Erase the Message from Device(s).
          i) Go to Devices > Instant Message Display > Select ‘Message on Device’ or ‘Message
             for Users’ > Click Erase from Device


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