TCMSv2 - Fire Roll Call Report

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 TimeTec 0 Comments


TCMS V2 has a shortcut button to print the fire roll call report. The report will display a list of users who are still stranded in a certain zone or office during emergency. This report will only work if you have installed an In-Out reader system with anti-passback (No & Save) activated or In-Out reader system using two TCP/IP connections.

The In-Out reader system is a system where it compiles records of users who are entering a zone. Similarly to leave a zone the particular user is required to verify his/her fingerprint. Nobody is allowed to re-enter without performing a verification to leave the zone.

TCMS V2 constantly checks users that are entering and leaving the zone by gathering transaction logs from these two readers. The report will ONLY display the user ID of users whom have not checked out from a zone, making it easy to detect trapped victims.


This function/feature is very useful to the HR department at times of emergency, as it will help them identify and keep track off employees that are yet to evacuate the building. Upon learning of this information, the respective HR personnel may alert the authorities to ensure necessary and timely rescue efforts.

     1)   Activate both terminal in TCMSv2 > Devices > Setup FingerTec Terminal and 
           assign as IN & OUT Door.

    2)   You will need to configure the Entry and Exit door in TCMSv2 > Devices > 
          Configure Access Zone.

            3)   Download all the clocking data back into TCMSv2. You may check all the 
               clocking data at the terminal data audit list. 

4)   Click the Fire Roll Call button to identify which employees is trapped in the 
      building. The Fire Roll Call report will then make available the list of 
      employees who has a transaction recorded at IN door.


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