Understand How To Troubleshoot Connection Error When Using TCP/IP

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FingerTec software is specifically designed to centralize, store and manage all data extracted from FingerTec terminals to create an easily managed and networked attendance solution. There are several ways to connect to FingerTec terminals, including TCP/IP, USB and Serial Port (RS485 or RS232), where TCP/IP is the most commonly used connection type due to its stability.


Adhering to the steps below, you can learn how the device communicates with the software and how it will inevitably shortened your troubleshooting time.


You may encounter these error messages in the software if there is no connection between the device and the software.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1.       Ping the IP Address
            -  Use Windows Command Prompt to ping the Device’s IP Address.
                  -  Type ping<space><ip address of the device><space>-t, then press Enter.

You will get this reply if the connection is up and running:
And this if there is no connection, you will get this message, as shown below:
 2.       Check IP Address,  Gateway, Subnet Mask setting on Device
-   Make sure the IP Address, Subnet mask and the Gateway setting in the
                  FingerTec device tallies with the Local Network.
             -   You can check your network information by using Command Prompt > type
                  ipconfig > press Enter button, or refer to your IT personnel who’s in charge of
the office’s network setting.
 3.       Check COM Key and Ethernet setting on Device
            -   If you can ping the Device’s IP Address, but still unable connect to the software,
                 you may checkup the COM Key and Ethernet (for Black and White screen model
                 only) setting in the device.
            -   The use of Com Key is to avoid any unauthorized person to use another copy of
                 TCMS v2 or BioBridge SDK to connect to FingerTec Device to carry out any
            -   The connection will fail if there is a mismatch of Com Key in the terminal and in
                 the software.
           -    Also you can set the COM  Key at :
                 ·         Black and White screen Device:
                             Press Menu > Option > Comm Option > COM
                 ·         Colour Screen Device
                             Press Menu > Com option > TCPIP / Security > Password
           -   For Black and White Device such as R2 and Kadex, there is a function called
               Ethernet which can be turned off to disable the TCP/IP connection. You can check
               it at Menu > Option > Comm Option > Ethernet. Make sure the Ethernet is set Y to
               enable the TCP/IP function.
4.       Check network cable and network switch.
           -   You can check the LED status on the router or network switch.  If the port’s LED
               that you have connected the device to has no light, it means that there is a
               faulty part, which could be the devices’ hardware or the network cable (CAT5/
               CAT6). Proceed by trying to swap the network cable with a working one to see if
               you are able to establish a connection. If it still fails, please move on to the next s
5.       Change device’s part
           -   The parts that interferes with the network communication function of a FingerTec
               devices is either the oreboard or the MCU Board.
           -   Coreboard is where the Network IC and Network Chip is located at. Usually if
                there is a lightning strike, or power surge, these components will
                be damaged.
           -   MCU Board is where the Network Port is located. If there is any physical damage
                on the network port, it will affect the Network communication.
            -   Kindly claim the faulty part at http://warranty.fingertec.com , if valid.


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  2. I copied recorded finger print from one TA200 Plus FingerTec to another TA200 Plus FingerTec but it doesn't detect the finger print. In fact, the administrator finger print is not being recognized to access the new device. How can I access my new device? Also is it really possible to copy finger prints from one TA200 plus terminal to another?

  3. Unable to connect to IP address !!
    Error : IPbio

  4. "Unable to connect to IP address !!
    Error : IPbio"
    What this error means????

    1. Dear Sukhwinder,

      Referring to the problem, we suspect the device is hang or in idle mode. Please restart the device or turn Off the power supply and check whether it can solve the problem. If not, please contact and liaise with your local reseller for further assistance as we need a well-trained Fingertec technician on site to execute the tools and check the hardware part before advising further.

      If you don't know who is your re seller, please kindly provide us the serial number of the terminal in order for us to check and get your local reseller to assist you at the soonest.

  5. boleh saya tahu bagaimana untuk tetapkan seting pekerja thumbprint awal tidak dikira OT. dan OT dikira selepas 15 minit(selepas 8 jam)

    contoh: pekerja datang 9.30(waktu bekerja adalah 10.00) , pekerja balik 07.00. dalam pengiraan OT menjadi 30 minit, bagaimana hendak tetapkan tiada OT?


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