Migration Wizard Smoothen Data Migration from TCMS into Ingress

Thursday, October 22, 2015 FingerTec 0 Comments


Setting up of a new system can be cumbersome when it involves a lot of staff, departments, different working hours and conditions, and other variables. In view of this, FingerTec has created a wizard that can migrate database from TCMSv2 into Ingress without any hitch. This process will definitely simplify system admin work because they don’t need to set up Ingress from scratch.

This Migration wizard in Ingress will ease the admin’s job and give them the flexibility to either keep the existing data such as User, Devices, Schedules & Rosters, Leaves & Holidays, etc, or replace it with the data from TCMSV2.


*Important note : Kindly make sure to use latest version software of TCMSv2 (v2.2.027) and Ingress to make sure migration process successfully been done! Get latest version of TCMSv2 and Ingress software here.

The screenshot below shows the data that has been downloaded into TCMSV2 on 13th October 2015, causing the Ingress software to only have data up to 12th October 2015.

    TCMSV2 data audit list
    Ingress Data Audit List

To solve the issue, you can re-migrate the TCMSv2 database into Ingress Software by following the steps below;

1.     Backup the database for both TCMSv2 Software and Ingress Software.

2.     In Ingress Software > Click on the Ingress Icon > Select Migration Wizard > Select TCMSv2 backup > Click Upload

3.    Un-tick  “I want to replace FingerTec TCMSv2 data to existing FingerTec Ingress” > Select all users > Click “Import Selected” to proceed with the data migration.

4.    After the migration process is completed, click on the Attendance tab > Data Audit List and you can check that the clocking data on 13/10/2015 has been successfully migrated from TCMSV2 into Ingress without replacing the existing data in Ingress.

5.    Re-generate the attendance sheet for all users and the attendance sheet is complete without any missing data.
After migrating the database from TCMSV2 into Ingress, all the devices MUST be disconnected from TCMSV2 to prevent the clocking data from being downloaded into TCMSV2. If all the latest clocking data is downloaded into TCMSV2, the data will be deleted from the device and will cause Ingress to not being able to fetch the clocking data from device.


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