Ingress Software V3.0.4 Enhances User Experience

Thursday, October 22, 2015 TimeTec 5 Comments

Ingress version v3.0.4 has been released loaded with 7 major updates and 6 bug fixes for better performance. This version is now available for download here and online update straight from the software.

Update 1: Facelift and rearrangement of the Ribbon Bar Menu for improved user experience

Ingress has undergone some cosmetic changes along with rearrangements of its ribbon bar menu to provide users with improved user experience.

Update 2: Rearrangement of Report Settings position in Company Info tab 

A simple repositioning of the Report Settings provides users with convenience in handling watermark in reports.

Update 3: Zone (Ingressus Only) tab is hidden from Ribbon Menu

If you are using Ingressus, zone installations can be set for a more secure access control via Ingress. However, if Ingressus is not used, as default the tab will be hidden.

Update 4: Dealer Information in Company Info tab is now optional

Now users are given the option to input information about their dealer in Ingress, it used to be a compulsory field.

Update 5: Hints are available in System Settings tab

Hints are useful for some users who need hand holding in setting up of the software. Ingress is now filled with hints and we’ll keep improving to serve our customers with better user experience.

Update 6: Added default homepage option

Not all pages are created equals and one person prioritizes one page more than the other pages. Now, admins can decide which page to be displayed once they login the Ingress software.

Update 7: No more notification Window pop-up when you closes it

Prior to this version, each time a user cancels the notification window, the window will re-appear after a couple of seconds to remind user that there are changes that has yet to be synced to the device. Now, the window will not re-appear when a user closes it, until the next changes are being saved. We do think of ways to reduce your stress level.

6 Errors Fixed:

1.      Fixed failed to remove user from access group
2.      Fixed inaccurate date range for tardiness report when using report scheduler
3.      Fixed access group issue where not able to select unassigned user
4.      Fixed leave type, leave in hour, leave in days not exported when exporting attendance
5.      Fixed Users import from file issue where username not update properly
6.      Fixed wrong payroll cycle displayed if date is on the last day of the payroll


  1. I appreciate your updates, but the icon that shows the status of enabled and disabled users and devices should have not been changed from red and green icons, the latest ones with TICK and DASH is so confusing. Kindly revert back to red and green notifications.

  2. Hi, I was going through the application on Update 6: I went through System Settings>>User account>>Add Account It gave me an error "failed to save data" when I am registering a new user.

    May you please help me out, I can not see user account nor able to change User Roles in the system Software version v3.0.4 Thanks

    1. Hi Paul Kasanga,

      Referring to the problem, before you can create a login account for the users, you will first have to create the User Role. To create a User Role, please go to System Settings > System User > User Role. For details configuration, please refer to the following newsletter.

      Best Regards.

  3. I want to know if this version supported windows 7 64 bits.

    1. Dear Customer

      Ingress Software are compatible with the Windows 7 , 8 & 10 for 32 and 64 bit. If there is any other information required, do let me know so I may assist you accordingly.


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