TCMS V2 Sample Reports

Thursday, April 26, 2012 FingerTec 4 Comments

Due to overwhelming requests by our customers, we are pleased to inform you that we have revised our TCMSv2 sample reports. We have the full range of the TCSMv2 software’s report templates now equipped with explanations. The reports available are:

  • Electronic Time Card
  • Daily Attendance Listing
  • Weekly Attendance Listing
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Correction Report
  • Tardiness Report
  • On Leave Report
  • Overtime Approval Worksheet
  • Attendance Summary
  • Day-By-Day Analysis
  • Month-By-Month Analysis
  • Gross Wages Report
  • Staff Movement Analysis
  • Terminal Activity Report
  • Terminal Transaction Listing
  • Clocking Schedules
  • Duty Calendar
  • Name List
  • Department List
  • Section List
  • Remark List
  • Entry-Exit Transaction Listing

 To view the sample reports with the explanation, click on this link:

Written by: Vincent


  1. Hello Sir, the reports i get from the TCMs do not show in full on the screen but when i print them that's when I get a full report? please help

  2. Hello Cheembe, may I know which report are you having this problem? Can we have the screen shots so we can assist you better? You may send the info to us at

  3. Helo sir/mam
    When I downloaded the data from terminal, is it true that all its data are delete, if so what data are these?
    Another, I can only view the single day of the electronic time card, previous days are empty, why is it, please help?

    1. Hello sir. Yes, it is true. If you are using TCMS V2 to download the data in terminal, all the data in terminal will be deleted. The electronic time card is generated based on your attendance sheet, so you need to check your attendance sheet first and see if the data is exist on your attendance sheet.


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