Ingress Release Note v3.2.3.9

Monday, December 16, 2019 TimeTec 6 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released Ingress v3.2.3.9 which adds 23 new features and 11 bugs fixes to enhance the user experience when using Ingress software.

1.Export false log (User ID = 0) in the Export Type 2 file

2.Added download new user only when Download User from Device

3. Added search user when Remove User from Device

4. Added Total Work in Detailed Employee Time Card Report

5.Added new option Group By Group Duty Roster for Attendance Summary report and Attendance
Analysis report

6.Added PIN1, PIN2 selection for Import User from USB which device type is Black & White

7.Added Delete audit data log from user which have been removed

8.Revamp UI Roster assign user into Roster

9.Added button to copy Serial No. at Device Activation Window

10.Revamp UI for Database Configuration in System Settings

11.Added Reset button for reset default settings Attendance Tab in System Settings

12.Added new filter option "Day Type" in Attendance Sheet

13. Added list for holiday details for Calendar View when mouse over total holiday

14.Added option to configure color each status for User Scheduler

15.Added option to Duplicate User Scheduler Task which completed

16.Revamp UI Payclass add user into Payclass

17. Revamp UI Access Group add user into Access Group

18.  Revamp Data Audit List
i)  Added Recent button in Data Audit List which display recent 100 logs 

     ii) Added filter option for Display False Log (User ID = 0) in Data Grid 

     iii) Enhance No Record message in Data Audit List which always display last record information

19. Added filter option "Designation" when Select User from list

20. Enhance Schedule Rounding which can support up to 3 digits

21. Added compatibility for OFIS-Z

22.  Added Compact & Repair in Database Management

23.  Added Diagnostic in Database Management

24. Fixed incorrect department info when migrating database from TCMSv2 to Ingress
25. Fixed failed to display Employee ID column in Export Scheduler Data Audit List
26. Fixed failed to filter users by department in Export Payroll window
27. Fixed failed to update template selection box for other tabs in Export Payroll window after
28. Fixed unreadable small font size of "Date" in ETC report Arabic language
29. Fixed failed to generate Overtime Approval Worksheet Report if contains both OT and Diff OT
30. Fixed failed to display Arabic language reports exported from report scheduler in Right-To-Left
31. Fixed incorrect users from devices displayed if current user role do not have the rights to access
 all the users in the devices
32. Fixed failed to display user selected in User Scheduler Options windows when add to scheduler
 from Remove from Device windows
33. Fixed system crashed when select option "Display False Log" in Data Audit List
34. Fixed system crashed when select non-Workday day type in Attendance


  1. it,s great , your the best :)

  2. Which of the files do I need to download, when using direct USB to terminal?

    1. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      Good day to you,

      Referring to your inquiry, you may choose either to download attendance data or user data.

      1) Download Attendance Data: Download attendance data.
      2) Download User Data: Download employees’ data (face/fingerprint templates, password, card ID, names).

      Then, you may refer to the following tips on how to import the attendance data or user data from the USB into TCMSv3 or Ingress.

      Please send email to should you require further clarification on above issue as our team can assist you further.

      Thanks & Best Regards

  3. Dear Support Team,
    Please help. When i click on any device name under devices in ingressv3.2.3, it gives a popup that Load default device details error. Also there is no devices when i click download in attendence. but the ingress server shows connected to all devices.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you.

      In regards to your inquiry, please reinstall your Ingress software to latest version (v You need to make sure you already do the backup database before uninstall the Ingress software from control panel. You may download the latest version of Ingress software installer from link below. Please let me know if the issue still persist after you reinstall the software.

      Ingress MDB :

      Ingress MYSQL :

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