Ingress Release Note v3.2.2.10

Friday, September 13, 2019 TimeTec 1 Comments

For this month, FingerTec has released Ingress v3.2.2.10 which adds 18 new features and 11 bugs fixes to enhance the user experience when using Ingress Software. 
1.       Added User Scheduler for Upload or Delete User in later time in User Module

2.       Enhanced software info in software footer

3.       Added Database Cleaning which will remove unused logs after certain time

4.       Enhanced Attendance Sheet Other Clocking Time selection by display device info for each

5.       Enabled system to perform checking Employee ID is unique in System Settings

6.  Added Activity in System Settings Module
             i)    Added email notification when service event occur error
             ii)   Added Service Log which let users view the service's activities

7.       Added highlight (Red Border) for today in Roster, User Duty Planner and Holiday Listing
8.       Added one more category "Undisclosed" in User Gender

9.       Added "Clear All Attendance Photo" in Device and Batch Device Operation

10.   Added "Other" selection in Add Device enabled add ZKTeco device into Ingress (chargeable)

11.  Revamp Search User in User Module 
i) Added new search option which Either (based on either one search keyword) or Mandatory (must fullfill all search keywords)
ii) Added new filter option by User Status
12.   Enhanced Attendance Sheet by allowed right click on clocking time to Show Attendance Photo

13.   Added copy schedule time for other workday in Weekly Schedule & Flexi Schedule

14.   Enhanced import transaction log from USB file by provide option to add new device into system

15.   Added Group Duty Roster selection when Generate Attendance Records

16.   Modified designation field to dropdownlist and showed previous available designations

17.   Added Total Working Hour option in Attendance Sheet report

18.   Added grouping of report name in Report Scheduler

Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed Report Scheduler and Export Scheduler "Last Generated On" date not follow Hijri date
2. Fixed Report Scheduler and Export Scheduler double click on empty space or header displayed edit option windows
3. Fixed assigned 2 daily schedules to shift roster cause system crashed
4. Fixed unable to create new user when download attendance of user not exist in system
5. Fixed report generated from Report Scheduler displayed incorrect date range for Attendance Sheet report and Detailed ETC report
6. Fixed department contains no user was imported in Import from File
7. Fixed incorrect Work Hour when using Overtime only After in Export Attendance Summary
8. Fixed unable to edit new template when use HH:HH in Export Attendance Summary
9. Fixed incorrect symbol displayed in Duty Roster report
10. Fixed unable to select all users in Export User and Batch Update User
11. Fixed incorrect result displayed on Attendance Sheet Report when using Hijri calendar format

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