How To Change Mobile ID For i-Neighbour App

Friday, June 21, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

Mobile ID refers to a user's digital identity, and the technology used to manage it, in the hyper-connected world of smartphones, tablets and any other wearable technology. The Mobile ID is very important to prevent the user ID and password to be stolen by another person logging in using a different device. The following screen shows the message that will be displayed whenever the user tries to log in from a different device.

However, if the phone's owner wants to change his mobile phone device but use the same user ID and password for the i-Neighbor App, the management can enable the existing Mobile ID to be used into another device. This document explains how to enable the Mobile ID via the i-Neighbor web application.

Here are the steps:
Go tp Neighborhood> Mobile ID.

Choose Residents tab

The gray marker is a mobile id that has not been shared, while the blue sign is a mobile id that has been shared. Click on share mobile id to turn on.

A confirmation message will appear and click on Yes.

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