Edit Attendance Approval to Request Change of Schedule/Shift & Day Type

Friday, June 21, 2019 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec TA has newly enhanced the option available for Edit Attendance Approval known as Edit Schedule No. & Day Type. This is a feature where Admin can set Approval rules for editing an attendance, enabling assigned users to request the change of their schedule/shift and day type for superiors' approval.

This is a sought after feature particularly in retail and service industries as well as factories where they may require regular and immediate changes in schedule & day type. By enhancing this feature, users are able to apply the changes of schedule / day type independently instead of asking an admin to manually change the user duty roster for them. In order to use this option, the System Administrator must first set the approval rules to the Edit Attendance within the system.

There are two ways to request attendance edit, one is through a web browser and another is through the TimeTec TA App.

A. Approval Rules Settings

The type of attendance data that can be edited by each user is optional and can be defined when Admin is setting the rules (Users> Manage Approval Rules> Edit Attendance Setting> Step 2- Set the Criteria). We have added the option to edit 'Schedule No.' and 'Day Type'.

Step 2 - Set the Criteria. Admin can select the Schedule No and Day Type which is applicable for users to request for the changes. For step 1, 3 and 4 remain unchanged. Then, click Next to proceed.

B. Edit Attendance Approval Request (Website)

Go to Approval> Apply> Edit Attendance.
Select the date that the user wants to apply the changes to Schedule / Day type. Fill in the remark and submit.
Once the user submitted the application, the approver will receive a notification to respond to the application. The approver interface is shown as below:

After the application has been approved, the schedule number will automatically be updated on the Attendance report. Below is an example of an amended Electronic Time Card Report:

C. Edit Attendance Approval Request (Timetec TA Apps)

Sign in to TimeTec TA and select Approval.
Click the '+' icon
Choose Edit Attendance
Select a date to change the schedule/shift or day type.
Select the Shift/Schedule that the user wants to change and tap on Done.
Fill in the remark and tap on submit (the paper plane icon). Once submitted, the request will be sent to the superior or management in response to the application.
Select 'Yes' to confirm.
User may check the request status on 'My Request' tab.
Below is the screen interface of the user once he/she tapped on their request status.
Below is the approver interface. The approver may respond to the application, whether to Approve or Reject it.

Note: If any of the screenshots or steps in this manual are different from the current system, it is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com. We will update it as soon as possible.


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