TCMS V3 Release Note (v2.1.5.9)

Monday, July 30, 2018 TimeTec 2 Comments

FingerTec has released TCMS V3 v2.1.5.9 which adds 17 new features and 8 bugs fixes to greatly
enhance the user experience when using TCMS V3 software.

New Features and Enhancements:

1. Added new language – Italian.

2. Holiday List can now be assigned to different schedule instead of following the default roster

3. Added selection (comma or semicolon) for CSV file format export in System Settings.

4. Added option Append export data to CSV file for Audit Data in Export Scheduler.

5. Enhance Import in attendance sheet to enable import Remark.

6. Added "View All Scheduled Report Jobs" in system role.

7. Added Export Audit Data in Monthly View.

8. The system now remembers the last export format selected by the users.

9. Added new export format ODBC(MDB) in export attendance details/summary.

10. Added Search option in Release Note.

11. Added option to group list of devices.

12. Added new field Designation in Export Attendance Details.

13. Revamp Enable/Disable employee define In/Out records with the option to define each column.

14. Support download/upload unicode username to USB/device

15. Added Phone and Fax in Company Info

16. Added Employee ID in the fields list for Export Audit Data Type 1.

17. Added Export migration to TimeTec TA

Bugs Fixed:
1. Fixed failed to import transaction logs from USB for Arab Saudi Locale settings (Arabic
2. Fixed extra break time not deducting from work hour if given flexible break time.
3. Fixed user duty planner freezing when updating leave in Arabic language.
4. Fixed Export Data Audit List Type 2 generating User ID starting with the first digit of each ID.
5. Fixed Electronic Time Card Report showing blanks when Filtered by Department.
6. Fixed Unable to read USB file from Timeline 100 correctly.
7. Fixed Unable to view original clocking data in the report for the rounding option.
8. Fixed Incorrect position of the User ID when using export attendance sheet.
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  1. hi may I ask what is the use of Enable/Disable employee define In/Out records with the option to define each column.? thank you.

    1. Hello,

      The use of this option " Enable/Disable employee define In/Out records with the option to define each column" means that software will generate attendance sheet based on what is the check type (eg : check in, check out) that user choose before verify themselves on fingerprint device.


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