How To Generate QR Code In Ingress Software

Friday, April 27, 2018 TimeTec 11 Comments

Introduction -
QR110 is the latest product from FingerTec that comes with a new verification method: Scanning QR Code. This tip will show you the steps to generate the QR code in Ingress Software for access.

Process -
1. In Ingress Software, go to the Users Tab > Select Card > Select Add > and proceed to insert the Card No.

2. After completing the first step, please head to the Details sections and check the QR Code that was generated by the Ingress Software. Please double click at the QR Code logo (6) under the Card No. Section.

3. After double clicking it, the system will display a pop-up as shown below:

4. Once the QR Code has been generated, you can then save it to the PC by clicking the Save button and proceed to select folder or file destination in which you wish to save the QR Code.

5. Otherwise, you can also send it to the User’s Email by clicking on the Send Via Email button. Note: please don’t forget to insert the User’s Email Address first before proceeding.

6. Last but not least, you can even print out the QR code by clicking on the Print Button.

The output result will be as shown in the image below:

That’s it, you all done. Once received the generated QR Code, you can start to verify your employees’ identification via the latest FingerTec QR110.


  1. How do you set for anti passback ? for an example if we generate the QR code can we limit the time for this QR code to be expired due to the time that we give? like if the usher doesnt scan within 5 mins can we set that to be expired?

    1. Dear Sir,

      Good day to you,

      May I know which master device that you're using with the slave QR110? There is no option to limit the device access based on specific duration of time. The only possible option is by using the access level setting from the master reader, you may refer the link below for further guidance

  2. Hi, I'd like to find out if your device can also make and print QR codes and use the printed QR codes to open doors?

    1. Hello Dan Suarez,

      Referring to your query, the QR code only can be generated and printed from Ingress software. Currently we do not have device that can generate the QR code. Sorry for any inconvenience cause.


  3. Can we handle it by another web application via API. Are you providing API?

    1. Hello Mr Reyaz,

      Regarding to API query, we only have API for TimeTec TA SDK, where you need to sign up with our Timetec TA solution (monthly basis subscription software). For further details about Timetec TA, you may email to

      For the TimeTec TA SDK, you may refer all related documentation and register with our Fingertec Developer Program from the link below:

      Register for Fingertec Developer Program:

      Download the installer and related documentation from this link: [ refer to TimeTec TA SDK]


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  5. hi where do i download the software to generate the qr code for use in an access control system with weigand
    many thanks


    1. Hi Lee,

      You may download the Ingress software from this link :

      Once installed, please follow the steps in this blog to generate the QR code

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  7. Would i use the QR code in my existing card (example: staff card, ID card, Vaccine card,...) instead of generation the new QR code? if can, how could i do with QR110?


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