Keeping Your Team Together with TimeTec Profile

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Remember that stack of paper detailing employee profile that you have to keep? When did you last update them? I bet you can’t quite recall. Well, it’s about time to forget about your paper records for employee profile and use TimeTec Profile for a change. It’ll save you time and free you from headache, we promise.

So, what exactly is TimeTec Profile? TimeTec Profile is a tool for HR personnel to centralize all employees’ information in one place, accessible at anytime, from anywhere. You can input default details such as name, birthdate, staff photo, mailing address, into TimeTec Profile and additionally, you can also input other customized details unique to your company into the mix to serve the business better such as trainings, certificates, and many more. This amazing tool secures employee information with multi-level authorization on a cloud server and this information can be applied across all TimeTec solutions such as TimeTec TA, TimeTec Patrol and TimeTec Leave, without having to input the same information repeatedly risking errors in the process. 

If cost is your concern, you should learn that you can get TimeTec Profile for free when you sign up and use any one of TimeTec solutions. So long as the TimeTec account is active, TimeTec Profile comes complimentary. Nevertheless, if you are not ready to sign up for any of TimeTec solutions yet, you can also use TimeTec Profile at a trifling cost of USD1.20 per year. Yes, we repeat, per year. For TimeTec existing users, TimeTec Profile is available when they login.

Let’s look at what’s available in TimeTec Profile.

1. Menu
Click on the button located at the right end of Menu to display an App change window. From here, user can switch between TimeTec Profile and other TimeTec solutions available in the company’s account.


2. Home ( System Admin)

Home page is where you’ll find all TimeTec solutions and please get your free trial to gauge whether the application(s) can be beneficial for your company. If you keen to try any, just click on “Try Me” at any time to get your free trial.
a) COMPANY APPLICATIONS: TimeTec applications that your company have activated
b) OTHER TIMETEC APPLICATIONS: Other available and upcoming applications by TimeTec
c) LATEST PROMOTION: TimeTec's latest promotion(s).


3. Profile Field
Profile Field is where you can pick and choose the fields you require for your company’s user profiles. ‘Default Layout’ template is available for you to use and it includes a comprehensive list of fields but if you prefer a different layout, you can customize the fields to suit your company or apply on different users. You can either edit the default or create another Profile Field template and just add/remove data fields. Once you’re done, you can assign users to the profile field.

a) Listing

b) Add Profile Field
Insert the Profile Field Name and determine whether this profile field is created for Admin or User view. Next, drag and drop the field you need. Drag to the left to remove a field and drag to the right to add a field. Once done, click at the Edit Permission/Disabled option to allow Admin/user to edit the profile information.


c) Edit Profile Field
Edit the settings from the Default Layout according to your company’s requirements.


d) View Profile Field
Click at the Profile Field name from the listing to view a specific Profile Field.


4. Profile Field – Manage Data Field

When you need a field that is not in the default list, go to Manage Data Field to add it in. Currently, additional data fields can only be added to Personal Information category.

a) Listing

b) Add Data Field

5. Manage User 

With TimeTec Profile you can add users into any TimeTec application via two ways. The first method is going to Manage User module within the respective application and the second method,  you can do it in TimeTec Profile and subsequently assign user to the preferred solution.

a) Manage User (Active User) & Inactive User



b) Add New User & Assign User to Application
You can add new user individually or in bulk directly from TimeTec Profile. Once added, you can assign the users to the application.

c) Edit User

d) User Account Settings & Deactivate User

6. Manage System Roles & Admin

Through this module you can create any number of System Roles with customized rights and privileges to edit/view information in specific application. For example, if you have 5 branches under different managers and you want them to only access profiles of their own subordinates, you have to create 5 different roles with rights over their own Partial Division. After that, each manager can be added as Admin paired with the appropriate role.

a) Manage Admin
i) Listing
ii) Add Admin

iii) Edit Admin

b) Manage System Role
i) Listing
ii) Add/Edit System Role
iii) Assign Admin to System Role

7. Home (User View)

Information that you can keep in TimeTec Profile is not limited to personal information only. You can add employment information, family details, job experience, and etc so you can have a complete information of your employees, accessible when you need it.

What are you waiting for?  Do away with paper records and try TimeTec Profile today to improve your Employee Data Management.


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