Volume Up! Steps to Increase Alert Sound for FingerTec Device

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

All doors that are installed with FingerTec door access device and door sensor have an alarm
feature that will be triggered if the doors remain open for a certain period of time.

Since the alert is triggered from an internal built-in speaker within the device, the sound might
not be loud enough to alert other individuals.

This article will guide you on how to increase the alert sound through an external speaker.
*Note: These steps should only be done by FingerTec authorized resellers/technicians.
By following this customization, the alert sound from the internal speaker will now emit from
an external speaker thus increasing user’s alertness whenever the door is not closed properly.
The main items that we need to set up for this customization are :

1.    Female Audio Jack
2.    Male Audio Jack cum Speaker


1.    Follow the diagram below and solder the wire to the Female Audio Jack
Picture 1.1: Audio Jack Illustration.

Picture 1.2: Audio Jack After Wire Solder.        
2.    Connect the 2-pin Female Connector to the Audio Jack
Picture 2.1: 2-pin Female Connector at the Audio Jack.
3.         Insert this 2-pin connector to the Speaker Output at the MCU board.
Picture 3.1: 2-pin Connector at the MCU board

4.    After that, connect the Audio Jack with the Male Audio Jack and you can now receive the
alert sound through your external speaker with FingerTec device.
Picture 3.1: FingerTec MCU with FingerTec Speaker.
Picture 3.2: FingerTec MCU with External Speaker.


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