Ingress Release Note (v3.1.3.6)

Friday, December 15, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

In this release Ingress v3.1.3.6, there are 23 new features and enhancements, and also 9 bugs fixed.

1. Added new language – Serbian.

2. Added 2 new operations in Batch Device Operation, under Device Module; Reset Normal Open
Timezone and Reset Auxiliary. Note that these 2 operations are applicable for Ingressus controller
only. These functions will ease the process of resetting multiple Ingressus after a Fire Alarm is

3. Added a new field in Export User, "Access Group".

4. Added a new option to allow User ID to be edited in the System Settings. By default, the
setting will not allow the User ID to be edited. Tick at the option to make it editable.

5. Added a new verification type option in Verify Type for specific day verification, namely
Face/Password & Card.

6. Ingress can support up to a maximum of 24 holidays in a year. In this new version, we have
added an indicator to show the balance (number of holidays) that can be added in the system
for user’s reference.

7. In the previous version, user can only select users in the Export Audit Data. However, in this
latest version, we have added a new section in the Export Audit Data, namely Device ID.
Through this option, user can now choose whether to export audit data by selecting certain
users or devices.

8. New payroll options added in Export Scheduler where the users can select the payroll option
and set the schedule to export data.

9. New History tab in Export Scheduler. Click at the History tab to view all the scheduled reports
and its details.

10. Added export interval of "5 minutes" and "15 minutes" in the selection for Data Audit List
Type II in Export Scheduler.

11. Included "Card No." field in the Userlist template for Export Attendance Sheet configuration.

12. We also have added an option to export Sage UBS according to pay type: Hourly or Salary.

13. Added an alert message notification when user tick Work/OT Total option when generating
Electronic Time Card report.

14. Include a new Baudrate option "19200" for RS485 Settings in Devices module.

15. Added a new option to include break hour in Schedule Setting on Attendance Module.
(Please refer to No. 19 for more information)

16. Allow user to open the folder where the database was backed up, after the backup process
is done.

17. Display the total number of Users/Departments in Export Scheduler.

18. Display the total number of Users/Departments in Report Scheduler.

19. Enhanced Auto Add Break rule: Deduct lunch/dinner time if employee does not punch
during lunch/dinner. Previously, if a user does not clock for lunch/dinner, the time will be
added to his/her work time. With this new option, the user can now choose to deduct lunch/dinner
time even if there’s no clocking at Break Out & Resume In column.

20. Enhanced Job List Attendance Sheet clocking data information to include the device info.

21. Enhanced Device User Listing report to display the face template count.

22. Enhanced to recall saved users according to customized template within Export Sage UBS.

23. Display Group No. for each access group in Access Level module.

1.Fixed no absent value for Leave Type on Workday when exporting Attendance Details.
2.Fixed batch update large number of users to multiple devices.
3.Fixed Job Cost Analysis Report to display all clocking records within 1 minutes with difference
in seconds.
4.Fixed Correction report to display the original data when "Original Clocking" option is selected.
5.Fixed the problem to add email address containing " - " in Company Info.
6.Fixed the problem to import User from USB file to software.
7.Fixed TA500 hang issue while downloading users info from the terminal.
8.Fixed the problem to Export User data to USB file for TA500.
9.Fixed the problem where system didn’t capture the edited record in Job List option.

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