Ingress VMS Installation Guide

Thursday, October 19, 2017 TimeTec 5 Comments


Ingress VMS is a Web Based Visitor Management System, which is fully integrated with FingerTec Ingress Door Access System for a more secure visitor management system.

Currently, Ingress VMS only supports FingerTec Ingress with MySQL database. Therefore, if you are using FingerTec Ingress with Microsoft Access Database (MDB), the visitor management aspect will be not available.

1.        Ingress VMS helps to manage the In and Out access of visitors.
2.        Ingress VMS supports Ingress Software. Therefore, the management can determine access control permission for each visitor.
3.        The management is able to filter which visitors are allowed into their premise
A)   Add an Inbound Rule for Ingress VMS into Windows Firewall.
1.    Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings

2.    Click on Inbound Rules > click New Rule at the Actions tab.

3.    At Rule Type, please select Port > click Next.

4.    Specify the local ports for TCP and UDP. Set the port value as 80 for both TCP and UDP.

5.    Moving to the next page, please select Allow the connection and click Next.

6.    Please tick on the check-boxes for Domain, Private, and Public. After doing so, click Next

7.    Insert the Name as Ingress VMS and click Finish.

B)   Enable all Internet Information Services (IIS) features.
1.    Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features.
2.    Click on Turn Windows features on or off.
3.    Look for the folder Internet Information Services and tick on the checkbox. Please make sure that you’ve ticked all the subfolders inside the Internet Information Services option.
4.    Click OK to proceed to installation.

C) Install Ingress VMS
2.    Extract the downloaded file and double click on the installer to prompt the installation.