How to Change a User ID in TimeTec TA without Adding a New License

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 TimeTec 0 Comments

License for TimeTec TA is per user ID, different from other FingerTec Windows-based complementary software (TCMS V2, TCMS V3 and Ingress) that is given based on device. Because TimeTec TA is cloud-based, changing of user ID option is not easily available. This article will demonstrate steps to change User ID in TimeTec TA without having to add additional user licenses.

1. User do not need to add additional user license.
2. To make sure thet the user data in the device is correct after changing the user ID

1) You will need to select Cut Off date to change a User ID. 
For example, a user will use ID 1000 until 30/4/2017 and will change to a new user ID 2000, starting 1/5/2017
2) At the end of the month 30/4/2017, you need to make sure that the last transaction data is already downloaded and shown in TimeTec TA. 
3) Once the user clocking data is shown correctly in TimeTec TA, you need to manually delete the old user ID in the devices.
4) Open data field to add “Change ID” in employment status
5) Then, you need to select the old user (For example user ID 1000) in the TimeTec TA as inactive.
To set a user ID as inactive, please click User > Manage User > Tick user ID > Edit > Employment information > Employment status > Select as “Change ID” > Submit
6) The “Terminated, Suspended, Resigned and Change ID” user will be shown in “Inactive user” tab.
7) Manually add new user ID (For example User ID 2000) in the device.
8) Download new user into TimeTec TA
To download new user, please click Device > Manage Terminal > Tick terminal you want to download > Click Manage Terminal > Download User > Select user ID (For example ID 2000) > Submit to download.
9) Assign new user ID in the previous group duty roster.
Click Schedule > Assign Schedules and users into roster > Click assign users into roster (Icon + ) > Select User ID > Click Submit > Generate attendance > Submit
10) Done change User ID in Device and TimeTec TA Software.


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