Boss Mode - A System Role for Bosses to Monitor Workforce Performance

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 TimeTec 4 Comments

TimeTec TA App provides a comprehensive dashboard for administrators to take a quick look at the overview of the company’s workforce performance, and to supply a remedy for any problematic attendance patterns observed.

Ironically, the bosses’ attendance records can affect the overall data because bosses are more often than not are not reporting for attendance, they don’t apply for leaves, they don’t adhere to the work schedule and shouldn’t be monitored.

The Boss Mode is a feature in TimeTec TA that takes those bosses out of the system yet still provide them with the power to access and observe what’s going on in the Company.

Step 1 – Create a New Division under Organization Structure

In this example, we are going to name the structure as Management. There are 3 people assigned to the Management under the organization structure, consists of Jonathan as the boss. Hence, you need to create a subdivision to house Jonathan as the Boss, and subdivision to place the rest of the Top Management people. Assign them to the subdivision accordingly. You can also have more than one person as bosses.

You can also have different users assigned to different subdivision but still under the structure of Management.

Step 2 – Create System Role and Exclude Boss Sub Division

You need to create a new system role to be named Boss and select Partial Division. From the drop-down menu, exclude the Boss division (subdivision of Management). At the Access right section, select Full Module Right. Finally, assign the boss to this new system role.

With the Boss Mode,  the bosses can access the system and monitor all the activities without being counted in and nobody can have access to the bosses’ profiles and the ‘performance’ and the dashboard will present the total of staff without the bosses' data anymore.


  1. boleh saya tahu bagaimana untuk tetapkan seting pekerja thumbprint awal tidak dikira OT. dan OT dikira selepas 15 minit(selepas 8 jam)

    contoh: pekerja datang 9.30(waktu bekerja adalah 10.00) , pekerja balik 07.00. dalam pengiraan OT menjadi 30 minit, bagaimana hendak tetapkan tiada OT?

    1. Hi Miss,

      Good day to you,

      Regarding to your inquiry,if you are willing to ignore early time to be considered as OT, you got o overtime column > untick for "Record early login as OT".

      Second question , if you want to calculate OT after work hour, you need to set in overtime tab > "Minimum minute to work to claim OT" = 30. So if staff work until 7.30,then only it will be considered as OT.If it less than 30 minutes, it will not calculated as OT yet.

      Kindly email to should you have other queries as our support team can assist you accordingly.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi Athirah,
    thank you,

    in overtime column I don't have "record early logon as OT"
    my version finger tec TCMS V2.2.027

    column in overtime include as per below,

    1)overtime if total flexi-work hour exceeds workhour of..... (I put 8.00)
    2)differential overtime if total flexi-work hour exceeds workhour of...(don't put anything)
    3)minimum minutes to work to claim OT ....(I put 15)
    4)maximum hours to allow to claim OT.....(don't put anything)
    5)overtime & double time for restday work ....(don't tick yes)
    6)consider late if total flexi work hour exceeds work hour hour of....(don't put anything)

    1. Hi Miss CT,

      Good day to you.

      Regarding your inquiry on TCMS v2 clocking schedule configuration, please note that our support team already respond to your inquiry directly to your email with possible solution ( [ ref:_00D20917b._500D01PZ1WT:ref ]).

      Should you have other query, please revert back to us as we can assist you accordingly.

      Best Regards,


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