Login Issue after updating to Ingress v3.0.4 from an older Ingress version.

Friday, November 27, 2015 TimeTec 6 Comments


Users have found issues when logging in to Ingress software after updating their Ingress software to v3.0.4, where “Invalid username/password” error pops up even when they have inserted the correct password. This is caused by the change to the database structure in the v3.0.4 update.

By following the procedures below in Ingress Server PC, users will be able to login to Ingress software without any problems.

1) Shut down Ingress and Ingress Server.

2) Download the DBinitialization tool here.

3) Extract the downloaded file. Copy the file and paste it in the Ingress Server folder (Local Disk C > Program Files (x86) > Fingertec Worldwide > Fingertec Ingress > Ingress Server)

4) Launch the DBinit.exe file by double clicking on the file.

5) Once completed, run Ingress DBInstaller, which is in the same Ingress Server folder.

6) Key-in root password and click the Test Connection button.

7) Click on the Update Connection button, and once done, click the Upgrade Database button.

8) Close the DBInstaller, and launch the Ingress software. Login using the existing username and password.


  1. it says not connected to the server....

    1. Hi Ksa Pak,

      Good day to you.

      Please run the Ingress DB Installer to reconnect the Ingress Software with MYSQL database. You can refer to scenario 1 for more information to run Ingress DB Installer from this link: http://www.fingertectips.com/2013/12/ingress-frequently-asked-questions.html

      And for Ingress server, please make sure the IP is (localhost IP) and port is 3000.

  2. I did all these steps and connected to server but still saying Invalid username and password.. please help

    1. Hi Mr Hassan Web,

      Referring to the problem, kindly close your Ingress program and Ingress Server. Then go to Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services, and restart the Attendance Service, Ingress Server and MySQL. Once finished, please run the Ingress DB Installer again. Make sure you completed all 3 step in the Ingress DB Installer before you can open back your Ingress program.
      In the mean time please take note, make sure you already installed the latest version of Ingress software (v3.0.6.32). You can get this installer from the following link.


      Best Regards

  3. it says failed to update database when i try to update

    1. Dear Sir / Ma'am,

      Good day to you,

      Kindly update your Ingress by following the steps below. Make sure to turn off antivirus and firewall before you proceed.

      1) Backup your database in System Settings > Database Configuration > Browse Database Server Backup Path > Backup
      2) Uninstall FingerTec Ingress from Control Panel
      3) lnstall the latest Ingress version from the link below

      If you are using Ingress MySQL:

      If you are using Ingress MDB:

      4) Restart your PC

      Please send email to support@fingertec.com should you require further clarification on above issue as our team can assist you further.

      Thanks & Best Regards


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