Exporting Attendance Data in Ingress & TCMSv3 for Better Data Management

Friday, June 19, 2015 TimeTec 17 Comments

FingerTec Ingress and TCMSv3 can export attendance data into several formats including .xls, .xlsx, .txt and .csv.

There are 2 types of Export in Ingress: 
  1. Export Details provides you with clocking details such as the In, Out, Break, Resume, OT and Done times of each user per day.
  2. Export Summary simplifies clocking data such as Total Workday, Total Present,  Total Short time, etc for a specific date range.

This function lets users export their attendance data to other software or payroll system for further analysis and augmentation with just a few clicks. You can also retrieve your data from the software anytime to prevent you being stuck in one system, providing you options to shift to a better system if need be.

You can export the attendance data by going to the Attendance module in Ingress. To export the data, you need to follow these instructions:
Click the Export button > configure the template for the export > Click on the Template Configuration button.

Right click at Template Details, and click Add Template Details. Rename the template according to your preferences. Click the Edit button, and specify all the related fields.

The most important part here is for you to specify the Output Target file. You can choose the format of file to be saved, whether in .txt, .xls, .xlsx, or .csv format.
If you choose .txt format, the 3 parameters below the Output Target File will be enabled, while other formats do not support these features. Please select the data on the left-side table, and use the left or right arrow to select the fields you want to export. The up and down arrow on the right side is for you to sort the columns of your output file.
If you are using Flexi schedule with job-costing function, you need to check the “Job Cost” check-box at the bottom of the window, so that the output file will show the job-costing data correctly.
After you are done with the template configuration, click Save and Close. You will be reverted back to the Export page. Here, you need to first select the Template, and make sure the Output Target File name appears on screen. Once done, please select the users which you want to export the data to, and select the date range. Click on the Export button, and your file will be ready.


  1. I need to get day type and week day both in report.

    can you please help me

    1. Regarding your issue, kindly explain in details regarding your issue, which report that you're referring. For further details, you can send us a screenshot and explain your issue to support@fingertec.com

  2. Hello there,
    when clicking on Export, the progress bar to the left stops at 2% or more and no files being created. I've tried over and over and changed the target folder and formats and it's still the same, please advise.

    1. Hi Sir,

      Good day.

      Firstly, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of Ingress software. You can get it from here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.fingertec.com/Software+Releases/Ingress/2017/3+-+++v3.1.0.7+03-03-2017/Ingress+Server(MySQL).zip

      Then, make sure you configure the template correctly, because if no template, the system will not able to export the data.

      Try to update your Ingress software and try it again. Make sure you backup your database before you update your software.

      To update your software, uninstall the current Ingress software from control panel. After that, install using the latest one that you download from the link given.

      If there is any other information required, do let me know so I may assist you accordingly.

      Thanks & Best regards,
      Tengku Sulaiman

  3. I'm using the latest version of TCMS V3!!

  4. After doing this severally the export button gives nothing apart from clicking.

    1. Hello Sir,

      May I know what software you are using and the software version? For your info, latest TCMS v3 software version is v3.0.2.5 and Ingress software version is v4.0.2.3. Please download and install the latest version of the software in your computer and check again. You may download the latest software installer from the following link.


  5. Hi,

    May I know if you have a scheduler for your Attendance Data Export function?

    E.g. After I have completed the template configuration, can I set up twice a day at specific time for the system to automatically push out the clocking data file to an external location via SFTP?

  6. Dear Sir,

    Good day to you.

    In regards to your inquiry, please refer tips from link below on How To Auto Export Attendance Data in Specified Folder and Email in TCMS V3/Ingress.


  7. Does the scheduled job export:

    1. all clocking data from the device?


    2. only new clocking data that hasn't been exported before?


    3. can it be scheduled to export the past X days of records?

    1. Hello Sir,

      Please be informed that if you want to export all clocking data downloaded from the device, you may set up for the Export Scheduler >Data audit list as data audit list stores the raw data from device

      You can choose the option for date the scheduler should run, either from the beginning of operation or at the specific date you required.

  8. Hi, for the daily job, can I specify to only export the past 7 (or any number) days of clocking data?

  9. هل يوجد طريقة لجعل البرنامج يقوم بتصدير تلك البيانات على المكان المخصص له بعد تحديده بمعرفى بشكل يومى وبدون تدخل منى

    1. Hi Mr Hassan,

      Good day to you,

      If you want the system to automatically export the data by date or time into the dedicated folder path, you may refer to the following tips on how to do so.


      Thanks & Best Regards.

  10. Hi , we are using ingress with Excel 2013 , when perform Export Scheduler to export details attendance sheet with template set to .xls or .xlsx , the results shows on both excel file is empty. If set to .csv or .txt records was showing correctly. We also try re-install office 2013 , even upgrade to 2016 , result still not ok.

    However, if we use Attendance Sheet --> manually export to .xls or .xlsx , all records was there.

    Kindly advise what should we do so that the scheduler able to send records like what we done on Attendance sheet tab.


    1. Hi Dragonteoh,

      Regarding to the problem with the Export Scheduler configuration, you can try below solution.

      1. Close your Ingress program and Ingress server.
      2. Download the Ingress service.exe file from the following link and paste inside the Ingress Server folder (default location at C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec Worldwide\FingerTec Ingress\Ingress Server)


      3. Go to Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Service. Then restart Attendance Service, Ingress Service and MySQL.
      4. Run Ingress DB installer (completed all step)
      5. Open and run back Ingress program and monitor the result.

      Best Regards.

  11. Hi support,

    Currently I am using Ingress v4.2.3 and would like to know if there's any options to automatically schedule export clocking data directly from device.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, there is still manual process where the user has to download data from device before the scheduler able to capture the clocking data from Ingress.

    Thank you.


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