Connect FingerTec Terminal to TimeTec Easily Using Webserver IP and Port Number

Friday, June 19, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

TimeTec is FingerTec's cloud service, providing effective staff scheduling and  workforce management online. To connect FingerTec terminals to TimeTec Cloud, you need to key in the Webserver IP and Port Number.  

With the guide below, you will be able to connect your terminals to TimeTec in no time at all without having to configure difficult settings and wirings.

Below are the settings for TimeTec;

Webserver IP:
Port Number:  80 / 90

Webserver IP in all FingerTec devices is the same but for the port number it is different for certain models as explained below.

Port 80 - For all FEM Coreboard version.
Port 90 - For all FMM Coreboard version (New TA100C and AC100C), All Face ID series (Face ID2, Face ID3 and Face ID4) and all devices using which are using GPRS to connect to TimeTec Cloud.

To check your device platform whether it is FEM or FMM models (AC100C and TA100C), use the device Info tools available here.

You can also refer to this article regarding the functionality of Device Info tools:

To check your device whether it is already been successfully connected to TimeTec, 2 items below must shown in the Setup terminal page.
-          Device model
-          Last connection time in seconds.


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