New Video Guide for Repairing TA500 and R3 Device Are Now Available in FingerTec Tips Website

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 TimeTec 4 Comments

FingerTec Worldwide Technical Tips website are meant solely for our resellers. In this website, advanced information such as firmware, training, hardware repair guide, tools and etc. are readily available for registered resellers who have access to our website.

We are always uploading the latest information, tools and even software onto this page. We have also recently added the TA500 and R3 into the repair video guide archive. If you need more info regarding the repairing/changing of spare parts for TA500 and R3, please login here and look for the repair video under the hardware section.


  1. Please i have two ta500 one is ok downloading attendance in tcms v3 and the other it take more time and no attendance downloading
    Please advice me i try downloading attendance from flash is downloaded but complicated create and download more than one

    1. Hi,

      Is there any message shows during the download process?
      Kindly attach screenshots and forward us this query at

      Thanks and Regards

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