Ingress software update – version 3.0.1

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 TimeTec 0 Comments

In this month’s update for Ingress, we have added 7 new features for Ingress users.

1.      Record and display card ID of loss/stolen card for individual employee.

In case your employee lost his/her card (or stolen), you can record the previous card number as Lost/Stolen Card under his/her profile (under Card tab). The software will alert the administrator (under Monitoring mode) if someone waves this lost card at any devices.

To report Lost/Stolen Card, you can go into individual profile à Card tab à Edit à Add à Insert the information to save as record.

2.     Configure and display leave taken in hour under Attendance Sheet

You can record the leave taken by employee in hours for example Emergency leave in 4 hours.

To assign leave in hours, you can go to Attendance tab à Attendance Sheet à Edit à Select leave type à Insert value in hours à Save settings

3.      Select dedicated devices to capture in-out records to mark attendance.

You can assign devices to capture employees’ in-out records to mark their attendance. For example, you can configure the device installed at front door to capture records as In time only. Records from other devices will not treated as In even employees are on time. This feature forces employees to report attendance at specific devices to suit their working environment. In case he/she reports attendance at the wrong devices, Ingress ignores the records.

To activate this, go to Attendance module à Select any Clocking Schedule à Clocking Range à Enable attendance records from selected devices only à Select the device for every column

4.      New "Reset Access Right" button to reset Time Zone and Group Time Zone settings for all employee to Full Access.
5.      New "Fire Roll Call" report to provide name list of employees still inside the building.
The Fire Roll Call report displays the names of employees who remain inside the building during emergencies.
To develop this report, you must define one device as Emergency Exit for every door. Go to Door à Details à Select one device as Entry device à Check the checkbox “Emergency Exit” à Save settings
Ingress recognises the Entry device (as configured under Entry Device) and it takes another device (exit device) as Emergency Exit device. In case of an emergency, employees verify their departure at the Exit device to unlock door in order to leave the area. Ingress captures his/her record and treats he/she as leaving the area. For those who have yet to verify their departure from the emergency area, his/her name will display on the Fire Roll Call report.
6.      New "Reset or Retrieve Password" feature.
In any case that you have forgotten your Ingress admin login password, provide us the 5 digit number at the bottom left of the login screen and we will provide you a temporary password.

7.      Indonesian language added as new display language
6 Error Fixes
1.      Fixed User ID sorting issue
2.      Fixed Group Duty Roster allow empty schedule for any day type
3.      Fixed Employee Time Card display issue in Spanish language
4.      Fixed door integrated with Ingressus always offline issue
5.      Fixed user info gone after synchronize Ingressus
6.      Fixed Ingressus remote open and close door



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