Ingress Server Installation: How to Choose between a Workstation and a Dedicated Server

Monday, September 15, 2014 TimeTec 0 Comments

Ingress software consist of 3 major components:  Ingress server, Ingress client and MySQL database. The Ingress server serves as the intermediary between FingerTec devices, Ingress client and MySQL database. It handles the connection and command read/write operations between Ingress client and devices. Apart from that, it also manages the data/record-reading and writing between Ingress client and MySQL database. Thus, this is the main command centre of the entire system. Therefore, you may be questioning what are the pre-requisites that you will need to fulfil in order to achieve the ideal system that will perform these functions perfectly. Should you choose a multi- task workstation or dedicated server?

In the situation that you are installing the system to handle a small scale of access control system, a multi-task workstation will suit you the most. For example, a company that has less than 500 users will benefit from this installation. The access control records will be stored in the devices all the time and you will only download it once daily. This will not generate excessive workload to your workstation. In addition to that, you can use the online monitoring feature of Ingress to know who is coming in or leaving at every entrance. Integration with other workstations or servers such as payroll and network video surveillance software is also possible. We would suggest for the workstation to be equipped with at least with an i5 QuadCore processor, 8GB RAM with Windows 7-64-bits OS.

For installation which supports a large scale of access control system, we would suggest to use a dedicated server to handle the system. For example, a company with more than 1000 employees would benefit the most from a server-based access control system. The high number of employees generates a high volume of access control records. You will need a dedicated server to handle the database effectively. There will be many administrators, each with different levels access to the system, to process and manipulate the data and reports.

There will be multi-connections available for users to access the server anytime during the operation, and this can be also be handled by the server.  At this level, integration with other database, software (payroll, network video surveillance, human resource system etc) will be easy. A dedicated server provides better protection to the software and database than a normal multi-task workstation would. We would suggest for the server to be equipped with at least with a Xenon QuadCore processor, 8GB with Windows 2008 64-bits OS. 


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