Error Message when Installing FTDP on Windows XP

Monday, September 08, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

Fingertec Database Processor (FTDP) is designed as such that it ease the managing of users, fingerprints, logs and readers information for users in order to connect Fingertec terminals to a third party system.

This software is suitable for users who are looking for report printing abilities and basic data transmission with terminals without needing to configure the time attendance settings.
Installation for FTDP is easy and straightforward, however there are times where Windows XP users will encounter the error as per below.


To overcome this error message, window XP users will need to install the East Asian language files on your computer.
Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.
On the Languages Tab, select the ‘Install files for East Asian Languages’ check box. Click OK.

You will be prompted to insert the Windows CD-ROM or redirect it to a network where the files are located, thus it is recommended to have the CD ready beforehand.
You are required to restart your computer before the setting takes effect.

Once you have install these files, you can proceed to re-install the FTDP software.

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