Configuring Page Blockers to Allow File Downloading from TimeTec Cloud

Monday, February 24, 2014 TimeTec 1 Comments

Most internet browsers tend to not allow pop-ups by default and this may result in issues of trying to download files from TimeTec Cloud. The following guide will assist you in configuring the page blockers for various internet browsers in order to download files from TimeTec Cloud.

For Internet Explorer:

You will be prompted at the bottom of the page alerting you that the pop up page has been blocked. Click Options for this site and select Always allow.

For Google Chrome:

A message “Pop-up blocked” will appear next to the address bar. Click on the message and select Always allow pop-up from

For Mozilla Firefox:

You will receive a notification that the pop-up is blocked below the address bar. Click Option and select Allow pop-ups for

For Safari:

You will need to configure the pop-up blocker under settings. Select Preferences under Settings, then under Security, uncheck the box Block pop-up windows.

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