TCMS v2.2.025 Software Update

Monday, December 02, 2013 TimeTec 9 Comments

Good news for existing TCMS V2 users! The latest update to TCMS V2 is now available for download. With 11 brand-spanking new features and 30 bug fixes, FingerTec has definitely upped the ante for the powerful Time Control Management System. Among the new features included are additional support for FingerTec Face ID terminals for spectacle-wearing users, Remote Support & ePayroll compatibility for the Australian market, as well as SuperAdmin privileges for the American market. Read more to see the full list of features and fixtures, or click here to download TCMS V2.2.025 now! 

List of New Features

1. Supports FingerTec Face ID terminals with 2 optional face templates
The new firmware in Face ID 2 supports enrollment of 2 face templates per user. This is especially customized to enroll users wearing spectacles. Users can optionally enroll 2 face templates, with and without wearing spectacles. Thus, Face ID 2 can recognize users in both situations. The software can transfer both face templates to other face recognition devices. 

2. Allows selection of multiple departments for writing user data into USB flash disk
Users can now write user data into USB flash disks according to department. 

3. Confirmation of teminal delete
The system will now prompt you to confirm before proceeding to delete a terminal. 

4. Additional DOB details for employees
Users can now insert the Date of Birth under employees' information. 

5. District selection in Employee Management
Users can now sort employees by district in Employee Management

6. Post attendance to ePayroll
Specific for Australia, users can now post attendance data to ePayroll Australia straight from TCMS V2 under Post attendance to payroll

7. Remote Support for Australia
TCMS V2 users that has configured their Country to Australia will be able to see and use the Remote Support icon as below:

8. Change Supervisor privilege to SuperAdmin for US/Canada
As requested by customers in USA and Canada, the Supervisor privilege will appear as SuperAdmin after configuring the Country to USA or Canada. 

9. Post attendance to MYOB EXO payroll
Users can now post attendance data to MYOB EXO payroll straight from TCMS V2 under Post attendance to payroll

10. Hourly rate in Name List report
The system will include the hourly rate of employees in the Name List report. 

11. Print separate pages for On Leave Report per Individual Employees
By default, the system will combine all users under the same report. 

If users need separate pages for each employee, they can tick on New page before previewing the On Leave Report. 

The user will then get one user ID in one page. Below is an example:

12. CSV format for reports saved
In the newest version, users can now save reports in CSV format. 

13. CSV format for Export Attendance Records 
In the newest version, users can now export attendance data into CSV format under Export Attendance Records

List of Bug Fixes

1. Resolve Tardiness report issue with Absent
In previous versions, when users select Absent in Tardiness Report, the system will display the report title as Total OT and Absent. 

With the latest update, the report title will only display Absent if users select only Absent before previewing Tardiness Report.  

2. Resolve issue with printing Tardiness Report
In previous versions, you will get the error message bellow when previewing the tardiness report:

This program error is eliminated in the latest software update. 

3. Resolve issue with uploading large user photo
When users upload a photo that is larger than 30 kilobytes, they will encounter the erroro message below. In the newest version of TCMS, the system will not show the error message anymore but instead indicate that the upload has failed with a cross (X) image in the grid. 

4. Enhance search attendance by employee number
In previous versions, when searching for employee by employee number, the system will go to the Remark column. In the newest version, the system will instead point to the employee ID that the users searched for. 

5. Resolved issue with printing Employee Time Card on 2 pages
In the newest version, the system has resolved the issue and Employee Time Card will appear in 1 page per user. 

6. Work Code issues when exporting attendance
In previous versions, when exporting attendance data with work code, or terminal ID and work code, users received the error message below:

With the latest version, this will not happen anymore. 

7. Resolve issues with Export Attendance
Previously, when exporting details with terminal ID & job cost, or work code & job cost, or terminal ID, work code & job cost, the system does not display all of the selected information. This version fixes this issue. 

8. Resolve issues with Employee Time Card
In previous versions, the Employee Time Card report does not display the color red when selecting 'color printer' before previewing the report, and does not display lines after unchecking 'color printer' for employees with late in, early out, early break and late break records. This version fixes this issue. 

9. Resolve issues with auto add break and including extra time in lunch as overtime
In previous versions, the system will not calculate  the extra time worked during breaks as overtime if users go back earlier than the defined OUT time. It will only calculate the extra time worked during breaks as overtime if the OUT clocking is the same or later than the defined OUT time. This version fixes this issue. 

10. Resolve issues with FTDP server download
In TCMS v2.2.024, when users synchronize terminals from the FTDP database server management, they are unable to download the clocking data from FTDP. This is because after getting the 'Process completed!' message, the connection appears as WEB instead of FTDP. 

This version fixes this issue. 

11. Resolve issue with uploading users' face template
Previously, users will encounter the error message below when updating face templates to more than one terminal. The system displays the error message even though the upload to the terminals are successful. This version fixes this issue. 

12. Enhance Read Clocking Data from USB attendance logs downloaded from remote terminals
Previously, clients will get the below error message when downloading data from a USB flash disk due to invalid time stamp log. Users need to click ignore 20 times in order to download and save the clocking data. This version fixes this issue. 

13. Resolve issue with exporting to ODBC using Report Wizard
Previously, users will get the error message below when exporting to ODBC from the Report Wizard. This version fixes this issue. 

14. Support lock delay in second(s) for specific models
Previously, the system is only able to change the lock delay (x 20ms) in black and white terminals. With the newest update, users can now make changes to lock delay (in seconds) to color screen terminals. 

Other Bug Fixes

1. Resolved issues with backup to network folder
2. Resolved issues with Attendance Summary report
3. Enhanced Attendance Summary report with scheduled hours
4. Enhanced USB flash disk management for Face ID terminals
5. Support hexa-card number for MIFARE reader
6. Enhance Terminal Transaction listing with optional verify type
7. Resolved issues with clocking for same workday in flexi-schedule
8. Resolved issues with daily rotation shift qualifying clocking range
9. Resolved issues with report scheduler in text format
10. Enhance download of large transaction logs from TA300 USB/Client terminal
11. Resolved issues with sending SMTP email from the 'Report' screen
12. Resolved issues with download transaction logs from the Webster database
13. Resolved issues with sending email via GMail account
14. Resolved issues with sending SMTP email from the 'Report' screen
15. Resolved issues with downloading transaction logs form Webster database
16. Enhanced import user function from Excel worksheet


  1. Half Day Leave for Indian Business Environment, based on Hours Worked criterion, would be more than welcome

  2. Hi Jagdish,

    Appreciate for your idea. Kindly update us the details of your proposal and send it to, so we can study and get the advice from our R&D team. Thanks.

    1. In India, wages are not paid on hourly basis. Rather based on number of days worked. So please include a criterion in TCMS that so and so hours of total working = Full day and so and so hours of minimum working = Half day. Again how many hours worked in 1st half will entitle for half day and how many hours worked in 2nd half will be half day. 2nd most important is Leave Management. If say x No. of leaves are credited to an employee, leave taken should get deducted from such credit balance and net balance should get carried forward. These are minimum two significant requirement for indian business environment. You can always reach me out on

    2. Hi Jagdish

      Please check your email. I have send email so we can discuss in detail.

  3. Hello, the latest version has caused the header LI EO to not show and the department name too.

    This issue only happens when I print to a physical paper, as in it shows properly in the preview, but once I print the paper has blanks in the header column for LI EO

    1. Hello Sir,

      May I ask what is the current version that you are using?
      Please kindly send us an email at together with your database so that we can look into the issue thoroughly.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hi
    tardiness report prints some blank pages first..

    1. Hello Sir,

      Referring to your problem, please share or provide to us the sample report and picture, then email to us at for further assistance. In the same time, please check for us the software version that you have use by go to System Setting > What's new in this release. Regards.


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