FingerTec TimeTec Auto Restart Services Tools

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 TimeTec 0 Comments

Does your server show frequent signs of slow data return or data not appearing on the TimeTec server at all? For the convenience of users, FingerTec has newly developed an application to remedy this situation with FingerTec TimeTec Auto Restart Service.

Installation Setup

1) Click on the image below to download the installer, and extract it to your desktop.

2) Double-click the installer and click Next to begin the installation process. 

3) Read the agreement and select I accept the terms... etc. Continue by clicking Next

4) Select your preferred installation path or use the default location. Click Next to proceed. 

5) After completing the installation, click Finish to exit the wizard. 

Operation Steps

After completing the installation, go to your Start button > Click All Programs > FingerTec Worldwide > FingerTec TimeTec Auto Restart Services as per the image below.  

The FingerTec TimeTec Auto Restart Services tool have two types of operation:

1) Restart at Specific Time(s)

2) Restart according to Time Interval(s)

Initiated by Jazz, finalized by Afiq


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