Ingress Software Update

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 TimeTec 0 Comments

The new version of Ingress v2.1.2.1 is now improved with bug fixes, new features and enhancements. 

New Features:
1.     Supports settings for “Multiple verification type” via Ingress to the FingerTec terminals.

2.     Added new page, “Data audit list”, to allow administrator to check records downloaded into the           software.
3.     New module to export attendance data and raw data (data audit list).
4.     Supports online software update.

Fixed Bugs :
1.     Database initialization bug.

2.     Schedule sorting issue in Attendance Sheet.
3.     Generate attendance issue in DONE column.

1.     Improved the database restore process.

2.     Improved the calculation logic for “OT-Done” column to become Worktime.
3.     Improved the date selection method from “Spin-edit” control with “Drop-down list” in the 
        attendance module.


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