Connecting Face ID 4 Using USB/Client Connection in TCMS V2

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 TimeTec 3 Comments

At the moment, the Windows OS does not recognize the Face ID 4 device when you connect it to the computer using USB/Client connection.

You will need to install the USB driver manually if you wish to connect the Face ID 4 device to the computer using USB/Client connection.

1-    Download either USB Client x86 (for Windows 32-bit platform) or USB Client x64 (for Windows 64-bit platform) for installation.

2-    To install the USB client driver:
i-              Right click at the .exe file and select Run as administrator.

ii-            Click Next.

iii-          Click Install.

iv-            Click OK and Finish.

3-    Plug in the USB client to the PC and it will install the device driver automatically.

4-    Right-click at Computer and select Manage.

5-    The Face ID 4 device is now detected under Portable Devices in Device Manager

6-    Finally, perform the terminal activation in the TCMS V2 software.

Initiated and written by: Ery


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    1. Hi Mr Ayed Alayed

      Good day to you

      Please provide us the team viewer id and password so that I can check this issue in detail.

      You can download our FingerTec Teamviewer software at:

      Appreciate your feedback.

  2. Hi it didn't work for me as well


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