R2 (565) – R2 (565) Master - Slave Wiring Diagram & Settings

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 TimeTec 2 Comments

Previously we have discussed on how to modify the setup for 2 master terminals to use it as master-slave terminals. You can read the full article here. Today we will be demonstrating how to connect the 2 units of R2 (565) terminals to work as master-slave terminals. To use 2 units of R2 as master-slave terminal, you will need to connect the 2 terminals together according to the connection diagram below: Terminal configurations:

At R2 (565) Master

  • Press Menu > Option > System Option > Wiegand > Input setting > FP device > input format = WG26 with ID > Esc > Input = User > Esc & Save

At R2 (565) Slave

  • Press Menu > Option > System Option > Wiegand > Output setting > Output format = WG26 with ID > Esc > Output = User > Esc & Save
  • Press Menu > Option > Comm Option > Adaptec Plus = N > Esc & Save

Note: If the Wiegand option does not appear, please confirm that your R2 terminal is FEM 565 and not FEM 500. If the Wiegand Option is still not appearing, please check the settings at Menu > Option > Access Option > 485 Reader Function = N > Esc & Save > Restart Terminal, or contact support@fingertec.com for further assistance.

Initiated & Written by Azim


  1. Hi, can I have this full article link back ? http://www.blogger.com/(http://www.fingertectips.com/2013/01/modifying-setup-from-master-master-to.html) - Looks like this link doesn't work.
    Oh, and one porblem. my Wiegand option does not appear. I confirmed that my R2 terminal is 565.
    Is there any other way? Thank you.
    khanhvuongtuan37@gmail.com - ComponentPro

    1. Hello Vuong Tuan Khanh,

      Good day to you.

      You may find the required link from below details :


      For wiegand option, please make sure you are logging in to the device using super admin credential to have full access to the device.


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