Export Data from the Attendance Sheet to Microsoft Access Database

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 TimeTec 4 Comments

Good news to users who are using Access database software. By using the TCMS V2 software, you can now export data from the Attendance Sheet into Microsoft Access Database format. There are various types of third party software out there using Access database to process data. Upon setting up the ODBC manager, the TCMS V2 can easily export data into different file types as required for input into their third party system. Today we will discuss about how to set up the ODBC manager in the Windows 7 platform and export data from the TCMS V2 Attendance Sheet into Microsoft Access Database.

Step 1
Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

Step 2
Double click Data Sources (ODBC).

Step 3
Click “Add” button at the User Data Source (User DSN).

Step 4
Select Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb) and click “Finish”.

Step 5
1. Insert the data source name, example: Export Data
2. Click “Select”.
3. You can download the sample database here.

Step 6
Choose the Sample Database.mdb and click “OK”.

Step 7
Upon selecting the database path, click “OK” to proceed.

Step 8
Click “OK” again to exit the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

Step 9
Start up the TCMS V2 software > Attendance Sheet > click “Export”

Step 10
Select the Employee ID and date range > choose either Export Detail or Export Summary.

Step 11
Click “ODBC”.

Step 12
1 - Select the data source name (Export Data)  
2 - Insert in the Table Name, example: Export Data 1
3 – Click “Test Connection”.

Step 13
Click “OK” when you see “Test Completed Successfully”.

Step 14
Click “Save” to save the configurations and go back to Export Attendance Records.

Step 15
Lastly, click “Export Detail” to export data from the Attendance Sheet into Microsoft Access Database.

Step 16
When you open the Microsoft Access Database, the export details result will show as per below.

Please take note; if you are using 64bit operating system, you need to go to
C drive > Windows > SysWOW64 > double click at odbcad32.exe to add the database at the User Data Source.
( C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe )

Initiated and Written by : Faiz


  1. Hi, I want to export attendance data to ms sql database same as above steps. Is possible

  2. Hi Karthi Raju,

    Good day to you.

    The TCMSv2 can't export the data directly to MSSQL. You will need to export the data to access database and the MSSQL can read the data from the access database.

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