Are FingerTec Models with WiFi Function Secure?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 TimeTec 0 Comments

The answer is yes. FingerTec door access models with WiFi are safe and secure to use.

The WiFi connection is used to connect the terminal with the computer to download transaction data as well as update settings into the terminal. FingerTec door access models with WiFI function are secured using the WiFi Protected Access (WPA) network security. The Pre-shared key mode does not require the complexity of an 802.1X authentication server. Each wireless network device encrypts the network traffic using a 256 bit key. Using a long enough random password (e.g. 14 random letters) or passphrase (e.g. 5 randomly chosen words) makes the pre-shared key virtually uncrackable.

Besides the WPA network security, you will also need the terminal IP address to access the terminal. It is not possible for outsiders to know the terminal IP address because it will not respond to any IP scan software or tools.

We can also set the Com Key as a hidden password that will be needed in order to access the terminal. The Com Key is a numeric value range from 0 - 999999 to be inserted into both terminals and software. The Com Key in the terminal and software must match before doing any connection to the terminal. The connection will fail if there is a mismatch of Com Key in the terminal and in the software. The use of Com Key can avoid any unauthorized persons to use another copy of TCMS v2 or BioBridge SDK to connect into FingerTec® terminal to carry out any operation.

Lastly, the Biobridge SDK is required to send a command to the terminal to open the door. The BioBridge SDK is a powerful tool that can bridge any system with the terminal. However, the Biobridge SDK is not available to public.

With all the security features in our WiFi products, you can rest assured that the door is safe and secure.

Initiated and written by Vincent


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