FTDP MSSQL Installation

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The MSSQL database server records all user information and transactions. The high storage capabilities of the server eliminates the need for a conventional filing system, providing a better and paperless working environment. It is possible to install FTDP to work with MSSQL so that a 3rd party software plug-in can access the transaction data with ease.

How to install FTDP MSSQL:

1. Install FTDP > Go to Control Panel > Click on Administrative Tool > Click Data Sources (ODBC) > At the User DSN tab, click Add and select SQL Server > Click Finish.

2. Insert Name "FTDPSQL", select a MSSQL server, click Next.

3. Input MSSQL login information, click Next.

4. Check the database information and click Next.

5. Check the server and database information and click Finish.

6. Click the Test Data Source to make the connection to MSSQL is successful.

7. Go to Start -> Programs -> FingerTec -> FingerTec Data Processor -> Init MSSQL Database. 

8. Input the server name, server username and server password. After that click Connect.

9. After you are connected to server, click Initialize to start init MSSQL database.

10. Click Disconnect to complete the initialize process.

11. Open FingerTec Data Process, go to Configuration -> Database Setting.

12. Click on the Provider Tab, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL server -> Next.

13. In the Select or enter a server name, select the PC where the SQL server is installed.
14. Enter the Username & password, tick Allow Saving Password, and test the connection.

(User needs to connect the SQL server by using SQL server authentication.)

14. Restart FTDP, and voila! You're done.

Refer below for the simple FTDP table description:


LID - table unique ID
UserID - user id in clock
TemID - terminal id in table terminal
DateTime - date & time of the log
InOut - check-in (0) or check-out (1) value of the log
Workcode - work code of the log
VerMode - verification mode (0-fp, 1-password)


ID - table unique ID
UserID - user id in clock
UserName - user name in clock
Password - password in clock
Privilege - privilege value in clock (refer to privilege table)
CardNo - user's card number in clock
Name - user full name
VerType - user verification type in clock
Valid - Is user valid (enable/disable) in clock
RegDate - the date of user downlaoded from clock
TplCount - user template count in clock
TZGID - user time zone group ID (refer to table TZG)
Slct - is selected (for check/uncheck user on the screen)
FaceCount - user face template count (0/1)


ID - table unique ID
UserID - user id in clock
Index - template index number
Tpl - template data
EnDate - enrollment date (reserve value)
TplType - template type, fingerprint algo 9 or 10

Written by Aidid, Edited by Vincent


  1. Hi,

    I have SQL Server 2012 and when I try to click Initialize, it shows an error like below :

    Failed:EOleException-The CREATE DATABASE statement failed. The primary file must be at least 5 MB to accommodate a copy of the model database

    can you help please ?

    ,, Regards

    1. Hi Sir,

      Please re-install the FTDP with the latest setup file and check whether still getting the error message or not.

      You can download the latest setup file at http://www.mediafire.com/?xz0v7yjg6d5zzpn

      If still getting the error message, kindly arrange team viewer session for us to do the remote checking. You can refer at http://www.fingertec.com/teamviewer/FT_teamviewer.html for your reference.

  2. Finally, after so much effort in trying to get this shit to work, I got it. Gee, this makes work so much better.

    1. It's our pleasure. Make sure to contact us if you need any assistance. Thank you and have a nice day.

  3. Hi ,
    we have configured the system on default database i.e is on access. Now we want to configure it to sql database. can you provide the steps for the same.

    1. Hi Jaya Prakash,

      Kindly please provide us your email address so our programmer can assist you better. Otherwise you can email to us at support@fingertec.com about your query.

    2. Thanks Sharul, I have emailed the details to support@fingertec.com

  4. Hi

    Can the FTDP software be used in conjunction with Ingress?

  5. Hello Anonymous,
    No, Ingress cannot work directly with FTDP, like TCMS. However you can use FTDP and Ingress independently, as both of them can be configured not to delete transaction logs from the device.

    1. So, can Ingress and FTDP can work in parallel but have access to the same database of personnel & logs?

    2. Dear Customer,
      As mention earlier, you can installed the Ingress software and FTDP in parallel but you cannot access the personnel or logs it in the same database.

  6. hi, when i want to set clocking auto download interval, the message prompt file access denied. how to solve this ?

    1. Hi Sir,
      With regards to your query, we have already tested the FTDP version [v1.8.0] and it works fine. Hence kindly update your FDTP software to the latest version by following the steps below, and make sure that your FTDP Services are running as expected.

      1) Uninstall the FTDP software in Control Panel

      2) Delete the Fingertec Data Processor folder [C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec\FingerTec Data Processor]

      3) Kindly reinstall the FTDP sofware by using the latest version from the link provided.


      4) Reinstall the FTDP software

      5) Relaunch the FTDP software .Please take note that you need to run this software as administrator [ Right click > Run as Administrator] and check whether the error still appear or not when configuring the automatic download interval setting.

  7. Hello, can I use FTDP for TCMSV3?

    1. Hello Stelios Mitsos,

      Good day,

      FTDP not supported to connect with TCMSv3 and Ingress Software.

      However, you can use Webster to connect with TCMSv3 and Ingress Software.

      The different FTDP and Webster, FTDP is a windows based software, however Webster is a Web based Software.

  8. Hi,

    we're trying to integrate with a fingertec 1.8.0 and installed the MSSQL as usual may we know how what needs to be done to connect to the database directly for integration? we're using heidisql to test and cant seem to connect.. thanks!

    1. Hello Json,

      Good day to you.

      With regards to your query, first you need to make sure FTDP can connect to your device properly in order to download data from device.

      Then all transaction data will be stored in your database (depends on which type of database you used MSSQL/Oracle).

      If all above works accordingly, then you should be able to connect to your database by using HeidiSQL to integrate to your 3rd party software.

  9. Hi,
    I have installed FTDP as well as sql server. While i am connecting SQL server through Management Studio its connecting but while i am trying to connect sql Server through FTDP using same credential its giving error "Database connection error! Login Failed for user 'sa'. I have tried on 3 pc but same error pls give me appropriate solution....Thanks

  10. I installed FingerTec FTDP Services and connected with SQL Server Database. I set auto download transaction logs on, and it works for the first time. After sometimes it does not download transactions from my device.


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