TCMS Software Update v2.2.020

Thursday, January 05, 2012 TimeTec 21 Comments

FingerTec has a brand new update in store! Click here to download the new TCMS Software Update, to update your TCMS to version 2.2.020. Here's a look at the new features added in the update, along with the various bugs and errors fixed.

New Feature 1 - Option to include break time to overtime hour for Auto Add Break Rule

Previously, after you’ve enabled the auto add break rule, the system will include the extra time into the working hour if the user does not take a full break,.

With the new update, the extra working time will be recorded as overtime.

For example:

The user took a 1 hour break instead of a 4 hour break, and the system will calculate the extra 3 hours as overtime.

New Feature 2 - Separation time between OUT and subsequent IN to qualify for next day in flexi-schedule.

When you insert 10 hours as the maximum working hours to consider in one workday, the system will use the IN transaction and 10 hours later it will appear in the same day column. 

For example: If you verify your fingerprint at 10.00pm (25/10/11), even after 10 hours 8.00am (26/10/11) the OUT time will still appear in the 25/10/11 column. 

If you configure the separation hours between the OUT clocking and subsequent IN clocking to qualify for next day to 1 hour, within 1 hour of last OUT transaction it will show in the previous day. 

For example: 

The user verifies his fingerprint at 22:00(25/10), 01:00 (26/10), 01:30 (26/10), 08:00 (26/10), 08:30 (26/10), 08:59 (26/10) 

If you configure the maximum working hours to 10 hours, 
You will get the results as below: 
IN = 22:00 Break = 01:00 Resume = 01:30 OUT = 08:00 (25/10/11 attendance column) 
IN = 08:30 OUT = 08:59  (26/10/11 attendance column) 
If you configure the maximum working hours to 10 hours and separation hours to 1 hour, 
You will get the result as below: 
IN = 22:00 Break = 01:00 Resume = 01:30 OUT = 08:00 OT = 08:30 Done = 08:59 - 25/10/11

New Feature 3 - Export attendance records clocking time with the AM/PM format in the export file.

You will be able to export the clocking time with the AM/PM time format in the attendance sheet.

New Feature 4 - Overtime Approval Worksheet with additional total OT hours 

The report appears with an additional data showing the total amount of OT hours.

New Feature 5 - Default date format, time format, and flexi clocking schedule '0' for North America. 

During the software installation, if you select AM/PM format, the date format will be configured as MM/DD/YY. For North America installations, you can define the schedule ‘0” as flexi schedule.

New Feature 6 - Provide 'More Options' button for additional clocking schedule settings during initial setup. 

Previously, you would have only been able to define the clocking time during the initial setup.
In this version, you can configure the range, general, tolerance, rounding, break and overtime by clicking on More Options.

New Feature 7 - All clocking duration as overtime when the work rate is 0% for non-working day for flexi-schedule.

When you define 0% for non-working day (Rest day, Off day and Holiday), if the user assigned with flexi schedule works on the non-working day, the system will calculate it as overtime.

If the user assigned with flexi schedule works on the non-working day, the system will calculate it as overtime

New Feature 8 - Option to exclude full break if the allowed time is exceeded in the flexi-schedule. 

When the break duration is within the allowed time, the system will not deduct the break time from the working hours.

If the break duration exceeds the allowed time, the system will deduct the full break from the working hours.

For example:

New Feature 9 - Provide name selection for report printing. 

In this version, you will be able to select to preview the report by name.

New Feature 10 - Download online user manual according to language used.

When clicking at the manual icon, the system will download the latest manual based on the language used in the TCMSv2.

New Feature 11 – Available Persian / Hijri calendar selection for Middle East languages.

In this version, you will be able to select Persian / Hijri / Gregorian calendar if you are using the Middle East language.

New Feature 12 – New Interface with FingerTec Webster Database.

In this version, you will able to collect the data from Webster to generate reports.

Bugs Fixed
1. Resolved job cost editing when using 24-hour format with IN-OUT rounding option.
2. Resolved double-verification of different clocking date for flexi-schedule.
3. Resolved clocking schedule tab header affected by clocking column caption in CONFIG.INI

In the previous version, if you change the Break and Overtime header in the config.ini file, it will affect the configuration button in the clocking schedule.

4. Resolved the error message that you will get while clicking the clocking schedule if using Indonesian or Spanish language.

5. Resolved the export attendance records with the workcode option selected.
6. Resolved the Print Total Overtime Hours in Attendance Sheet. In the previous version, you will get different overtime values in the Attendance Sheet and in the Electronic Time Card Report.

7. Resolved Print Working Hours if Total Work/OT is selected in the Attendance Summary. In the previous version, Attendance summary will not show the working hours if you tick at the Work/OT total checker.

8. Resolved the Export Attendance without the Job Cost option.
9. Added daily periodic total working hours and overtime in job cost.
10. Enhanced user editing in job cost data.
11. Resolved export Electronic Time Card in XLS format.
12. Enhanced the connection error description in terminal connection.
13. Retained the sorting order in the User screen.

In the previous version, after sorting the user by name and clicking the “Apply” button, the sorted name does not appear in the list. 

14. Enhanced double-verification of different clocking date for flexi-schedule.
15. Resolved post TIMESHEETS.TXT to MYOB and Unipay payroll system.

Initiated by Aidid, 
Written by Aidid


  1. The screenshot are too small. :(

    1. Hi there,

      We've updated the screenshots to higher resolution ones. Take a look now!

  2. Screen shots are too small

    1. Hi there,

      We've updated the screenshots to higher resolution ones. Take a look!

  3. Do this software runs in MAC OS?

    1. Hi Sir, the TCMSv2 software does not run in MAC OS.

  4. Great job as always

  5. Hello dears , i want to check finger tec devices from other branches can i publish it online?

  6. Hi sir, you will need to use TimeTec if you have multiple branches to monitor online. You can seek details of TimeTec in this blog too. Or email us at for more details.

  7. hi sir. how to deduct break time from work hour in flexi schedule?

    1. Hi sir, to deduct the break time from work hour in flexi schedule, please edit your flexi schedule, click on the Break tab and select the first option: Deduct break time from work time. After that please generate the Attendance Sheet for the changes to take effect.

  8. Hi ,Sir We download the data from terminals and exported in our sheet ,but 3 days data is missing ,but I monitored continuously that we all are present on that day continuously ,so where is the data ,I am not able to find out the correct solution, If you please help me its good for me .

    I am not able to retrieve data from terminal even after download the data from terminal, Please help me.

  9. Hi Lalit Soni,

    Please refer my previous email.

    Please send the latest backup database or TCMSv2 folder to us for checking purpose.
    If files more than 5MB, Please send using

    Appreciate your feedback.

  10. can i have a link to download tcms v2.2.20 ?

    1. Hi,

      For your information, the latest version of TCMSv2 is v2.2.027. You can get this version at

  11. How do i exclude Restday or Weekend from being counted as Absence in the Reports?

    1. Hi Mimi Alvarez,

      Basically the Restday or Weekend are not counted as Absence in the reporting. Kindly check your Workday and Restday setting at TCMSv2 by select System Setting > Group Duty Roster > select roster and Edit > select Auto Schedule > set the correct sequence day and Day type > Okay > Save. Once finished, please re generate your attendance record and check the status of your reporting. If you need further clarification, please email to us at Best Regards.

  12. hi
    i have a ta500 device we have two shift in our company i created the schedule timing but in device its only showing check in and check out both are replicating IN and OUT in attandace sheet how i can attend break and resume timing is there any button that we have to press in attandance device for that

  13. Is this device compatible with Mac


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