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Happy New Year to all our clients.

With the coming of the New Year, FingerTec would like to remind everyone to update the Group Duty Roster. 

The TCMSv2 automatically generates the weekly roster for the New Year based on the previous year’s Group Duty Roster. For the Shift Roster, you will need to manually configure the Auto Scheduling in the Group Duty Roster and generate it at the Attendance Sheet when we approach the New Year.

Without doing this, the system will display the below for users that are assigned with the shift roster.

To configure the auto scheduling:

1-    Go to Configuration.
2-    Double click the Group Duty Roster.
3-    Select the shift roster and click the Edit button.
4-    Change the year to 2011 and click the auto schedule.
5-    Change the end date of the effective date range to 31/12/2012 and click the okay button.
6-    The system will create the new roster of the current year based on the previous year’s roster.

Upon completing the configuration of the Auto Schedule, generate the Attendance Sheet. After the generating process, you will get the result as per below:

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